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Top Ten moments in -Fish-Torment History
... a top 10 (well, almost) list by Fish

1) Fish defeats evil AI in a "computer generated dream world" through the power of kick ass wardrobe and kung fu, freeing the world to play Torment. (Well it could have been him. It also could have been Keanu Reeves.)

2) Fish acquires Torment. (Millions in France rejoice.)

3) Fish, after nearly defeating Torment, celebrates with fireworks. (Three city blocks consumed in resulting inferno before the fire was contained.)

4) While playing Torment Fish reaches Nirvana, finds Englightenment, then stops playing Torment. (Resulting in a near immediate loss of enlightenment status.) 5) Fish blunders in a relationship with the opposite sex, finds comfort in Torment. (Millions in France rejoice ...)

6) After being knighted by the Queen of England, married to Korlinia the Love Goddess, sainted by the Pope, and transported to Sigil, City of Doors, Fish wakes up. (Fish purchases large amounts of sleeping pills.)

7) Fish accepts an offer to become an official Pit contributer. (The world is never the same again.)

Note from Fish: In a perfect world this list would have ten moments, as advertised. But the world isn't perfect, we all have to come to grips with that. I'm only one man, I can't make a difference in the big picture, it's out of my control. So, sadly, this list ends at seven.

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