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Top 10 Most Horrible Things to do in Torment
... a top 10 list by The Whom

10) "Nordom, as Creative Director, I order you to sing this song, and teach it to every Modron you see. 'This is the song that never ends..'"

9) Cast 'Silence 15' Radius' on Morte.

8) Give Ignus a big hug.

7) Ask Forked-Tongue if he'll give you a full-body massage.

6) When chaos breaks out in Curst, decide 'What the hell' and start slaughtering everyone you see.

5) Kill every Dustman you see and cash them in at the Mortuary. Make bets with the Mercykillers on how many you can bring in before the Dusties notice.

4) Chase Morte around in the street until you get run over by a cart.

3) When Lothar won't let you have Morte back, beguile him with your curves and feminine charms until he submits.

2)Offer Ravel some 'Oil of Olay' and a breath mint.

And the absolute most horrible thing to do in Torment...

1) Anger a Lim-Lim.

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