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10 signs you've been playing too much Torment...
... a top 10 list by Mindwarp

10. You start wearing removable tattoos that you believe increase your wisdom and intelligence

9. When you drive by a morgue you smile and think its home

8. You feel every time you put contacts in its like Ravels eye

7. When you try to open a door and it doesn't open, you pull out a weapon and bash at it

6. Every sewer with steam comming out you believe is a portal

5. When you hang out with your friends, you simply ask them if they have seen your journal or pharod

4. You keep trying to turn your friends' AI off

3. Every time you have to write your name in school you refuse, claiming you are the nameless one

2. You try drinking embalming fluid and sewing yourself, but to no avail

1. During trips to museums, you shout "Morte!" at every skull you see...

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