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10 more signs you've been playing waaay too much Torment...
... a top 10 list by Voldenuit

10. You swallow pieces of jewelry, planning to dig them up later with a knife

9. You try to attach body parts you find lying around (hey, maybe you live in Jo-Berg)

8. You can actually spell "Zerthimon"

7. You *know* the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon

6. You kill "cranium rats" in your basement for experience, then you step out and back in again so they'll "re-spawn"

5. You tattoo a message to yourself on your back (just in case you die and lose your memories)

4. If a ring is stuck on your finger, you *bite* off your finger, then try to reattach it

3. You have violent flashbacks (Watch for Charlie in the trees!)

2. You make a MECHANO modron, then try to *believe* it into become a real modron

and, the number ONE sigh you're playing waaay too much Planescape:Torment:

1. You try to convince bums in the street to smuggle your carcass into the mortuary!

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