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Is The-Nameless-One American and from California?

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Posted by Wonderer on April 27, 2003 at 18:43:58:

An odd question perhaps, but part of the dialogue you have with the rat snack seller made me wonder:

"Oye there, cutter; well met again. Have ye changed yer mind? Come back for one a' Creeden's deeee-liscious ratsies?" He jangles his rat-pole enticingly.

"Why not... what kinds do you have?"


You hand over your coppers and, in one swift motion, he runs a pair of boiled rats through with a wooden skewer, unhooks them, and places them your hand. He winks at you: "Enjoy, cutter!"

Eat the 'ratsie.'

The rat-meat, prepared this way, is rather bland and rubbery. It tastes faintly of some... other... meat you're sure you've had before. You're certain it would taste better prepared in a different manner; you can't imagine why *anyone* would boil meat to eat it. The man looks at you expectantly. "Did ye like? Wouldst ye like another?"


It is the remark "you can't imagine why *anyone* would boil meat to eat it", which makes me wonder if TNO is American perchance. I mean in e.g. England there is a long tradition for boiled meat, while in the U.S. I understand, that they are generally much more into BBQ. In California I have hear say, that they are especially fond of BBQ perhaps because the weather is almost always right for outdoor activities. So that forces us to ask ourselves if The-Nameless-One is American and perhaps from California?

What do you think?

Yours in Jest,

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