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Powergamers Delight: Mister Full 25

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Posted by Wonderer on November 11, 2002 at 14:35:33:

Powergamers Delight: Mister Full 25

He makes the women/modrons sigh with longing!
He makes Many-As-One feel outnumbered!
He makes the legions of Baator cry themselves to sleep at night!

He is MISTER FULL 25!!!

Strength 25
Intelligence 25
Wisdom 25
Dexterity 25
Constitution 25
Charisma 25

Level 76
Exp 17032548
Neutral armour class 0
Attacks 3 1/2 (is it at all possible to get 4 attacks?)
Lore 100
Fist +++++
Edged +++++
Hammer +++++
Axe +++++
Club +++++

And he knows undersigil inside out...

Obvious hint:
Hook him up with either "The Justifier" or "Tattoo of the Lost Incarnation" and he will be a power so massive that you HAVE to see it! (if you are a powergamer that is :)

Q: What happens when you hit full 25?
A: You will still get character points every level, if that is what you mean, but you will no longer be able to distribute them. Apart from that you can keep levelling TNO still even though you hit full 25.

Q: Where can I find "The Justifier" or "Tattoo of the Lost Incarnation"?
A: To get "Tattoo of the Lost Incarnation" you have to enter the Crypt of Dismemberment. It has is a door leading into the "basement" down there you will find a body. On the body you will find an arm. Take that arm To Fell and he will be able to make you the "Tattoo of the Lost Incarnation".
I am not sure if there are more ways to get "The Justifier", but one way I know is this. Take Annah with you (Ahhh that hot little tiefling! :) and enter the
The Great Foundry of the Godsmen. Seek out Nadilin. Make Annah use pickpocket on him. This will give you a receipt. Now talk to Nadilin and tell him you have a receipt. He will then give you "The Justifier".

Q: Are the increased regeneration speed of "The Justifier" and "Tattoo of the Lost Incarnation" cumulative?
A: No. You can only benefit from the increased regeneration speed once even though you carry both items.


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