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This section has been inaccurate for years and years. Calis has been "running" this since 1999, when Seamus got a full-time job after graduating. Not much happened after 2001, though. If you want to take over, try and get a hold of Calis (he took his e-mail off these pages due to spambots). The sorcerers.net staff can probably tell you where to find him, the RPGCodex forums are a good bet.
Name: Kraal
Race: Tiefling
Profession: Fighter/Thief

Kraal handles the images, page layout, and some programming. She also manages the fan art section of the Civic Festhall.

Send e-mail to Kraal.

Name: Melanth
Race: Tiefling
Profession: Fighter

Melanth is currently an inactive member, due to time constraints.

Send e-mail to Melanth.

Name: Seamus
Race: Dust Mephit
Profession: N/A

Due to a serious lack of time, Seamus is currently not an active crew member.

Send e-mail to Seamus.

Name: Calis
Race: Half-Elf (Planar)
Profession: Ranger

Calis handles the news section and public relations, as well as most of the technical stuff, including the webring and the message boards.

Send e-mail to Calis.

Name: Spider
Race: Human (Planar)
Profession: Illusionist/Thief

Spider helps out with images and layout, and does the fanfiction section of the Civic Festhall.

Name: Huggies_Dragon
Race: Dragon
Profession: Mage

Huggies_Dragon takes care of the walkthrough section.

Send e-mail to Huggies_Dragon.

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