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The Pit affiliates

Torment is an extremely cool game, and, as such, has given birth to numerous very original fansites on the web. We run a hosted site programme for those sites. Why would you want to be hosted on the Pit?

  • we give you all the webspace you'll ever need
  • we'll help you promote your site (meaning, we'll threaten to make fun of people behind their backs if they don't visit your site)
  • we'll give you help with technical stuff if you need it
  • a cozy lil' directory on the Pit's server space:!

Now, what kind of sites are we looking for?

  • Obviously, the site has to be torment-related.
  • We're looking for ambitious sites that are updated on a regular basis. Content is the most important criterium.
  • Originality is extremely important. We're not really interested in hosting a site that offers exactly the same things we offer, or a site that covers something one of our affiliates already covers.
  • We want sites that don't hurt our eyes. However, design isn't that important. If your site looks really bad, we'll help you work on it.
  • Please don't send us zipped up sites. Put a working version of your site online on some cheapo free hosting service, and we'll take a look at it.

Before applying to us, please check our current affiliates to see if any of them already offers the content your site offers:

Our current affiliates:

Flabbyjack's House of Pa(i)ncakes
This page is extremely ridiculous. It offers top-notch Torment humour, with a big dosis of Monty Python thrown in for good measure. They often run awesome contests where you can win the great honor of being named a Knight who Says Nih!
Also on this site: profiles of Ancient Regulars from the official Planescape: Torment board, including some of the Black Isle people!

Planescape: How Tormenting!, also widely known as Becker's Page
Pretty much the ultimate in Torment humour. Becker has had an enormous influence on the Torment scene on the web. Old regulars from the Torment board have taken to calling The Nameless One 'Floyd', and it's all Becker's fault. He also ran a release date pool, and has some extremely cool fake interviews. Not checking out this site equals dishonorable disembowelment.

Well, those were the Pit affiliates. Do you think you're up to it? Do you think your site would fit with the Pit? If you think it would, send me an e-mail with the current location of your site (PLEASE don't send me zipped up sites!), and give me some reasons why the Pit should host you. We'll get back to ya in a couple o' days...

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