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The Pit

The Internet's First Torment



Patch Update!

Character Generation

The Mortuary

The Hive -- Northeast Section

The Hive -- Southeast Section

The Hive -- Southwest Section

The Hive -- Northwest Section

Alley of Dangerous Angles

Ragpicker's Square

The Trash Warrens

The Buried Village

The Catacombs

The Dead Nations

The Drowned Nations and Tomb

Warrens of Endless Thought

Cleaning up Quests

Tenement of Thugs

Alley of Lingering Sighs

The Lower Ward

The Great Foundry

The Clerk's Ward

Under Sigil

Ravel's Maze

Player's Maze

Modron Maze

Outer and Inner Curst

Underground Curst

The Prison

The Outlands


Curst Gone


The Final Battle

The Circles Of Zerthimon

Cheats and Hints

Removing Curses

Items List

Resting Places


FAQ's by Kraal

TEXT ONLY Torment walkthrough
Zipped -- in Word 97 format
[by Stefanos Koutsoukos]

Another Torment walkthrough
Zipped -- in Word 97 format
[by Daniel Herfield]


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