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Weirdness e-mail I received from Fish

I received this e-mail from a guy calling himself Fish. It is the ultimate proof that Torment fans are weird.

I fall in love quickly. Personally I think it just indicates the greatness that is me. Whether it is some attractive woman in a commercial involving laundry to some stranger on the bus, it doesn't take much to push me over into love's twisted abyss. Yes, indeed, this even applies to video games.
Fallout 2 made me drool before I ever crawled, three miles, to my friend's house where I had to play the sacrificial role in his Satanic cult to finally acquire Fallout 2. How I managed to survive is a long story involving Chinese noodles, three hamsters, and a sandbox. Enough said, no doubt.

Anyway, I loved Fallout 2 and it did not disappoint me, in fact it surpassed my humble expectations. I even survived my wisdom teeth removal without medication because I was too stoned out on Fallout 2.

But now ... oh now there is Torment. For the first time in my life I was insane enough to run to the nearest video game store intent on purchasing a game that was brand new. Ye Gods the madness, the horrible madness! When I arrived they said they had it and it was on sale for six dollars. What was that? Blood pouring out of my nose and ears. Ignore it, ignore it, just pull out the six dollars, real cool like, and say that you want it. Damn, no don't tell me it is a glitch in the computer. Don't tell me that I can leave my phone number so you can tell me when it arrives. Don't ask me if I know that blood is pouring out of my ears and nose.

So now I wait in my dark dark place. Dragon Ball has lost its ability to move me spiritually. It's still too expensive and too illegal to turn to narcotics. I can only wait.

Oh yeah, and your website kicks ass.


If this is spam, I sincerely apologize. You probably won't hear from me again, I'm descending deep into the Amazon jungle in search of a powerful substitute for Torment to hold me over, a powerful hallucinogen made from the venom of the Zimbali spider. It will either reproduce the endless bliss of Torment or kill me. Better than just waiting the two or three days in my eyes.

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