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The Hall of Speakers

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If you want a place where you can talk to other fans of Planescape: Torment, you'd want to take a look at the Message Boards.


Do you also like to play computer games? Then maybe you have something to say about it. Here you'll find different opinions about gaming.

Violence in computer games

Blame it on the videogames, by Seamus

The best of gaming

My favorite gaming moments, by Seamus

Do you also want to write someting off-topic? Email us!There are a few rules, though.
- use 500+ words
- the topic must be about gaming
- it must be well articulated
- you may not reply to other people's opinion (although you may talk about the same topic)


Mail us if you want to:
- add your site to the links page
- report a broken link
- submit a story
- submit fan art
- submit news
- report any problems


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