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Wednesday, October 6th, 1999

Becker's entry for Woyzeck contest
by Seamus - 10/06/99 14:36 EST

Becker has entered Torment's Woyzeck contest! We provided the space for it, because he didn't have the space himself. Check it out! It's as funny as Becker's famous interviews!

If you also want to enter the Woyzeck contest, but don't have the space, let us know. We might be able to give you the space you need.

Sunday, October 3rd, 1999

Pig dog! Swine! Saxon cur!
by Calis - 10/03/99 17:29 EST

That's probably what Basho McComb will call us...
Anyway, this is a matter of life and death. Spider & I have stolen Sassy from Black Isle's secret ninja hiding place, and we're threatening him/her! So give it up, Black Isle!
(and yes, doctoring this image is Spider's first work for the Well of Torment, soon-to-be The Pit)

Saturday, October 2nd, 1999

Torment (novel) NPC's in Dragon 264
by Calis - 10/02/99 17:28 EST

This month's Dragon magazine has a few Torment NPC's (from the NOVEL, so it might or might not apply to the game) in it. Featured:
Morte. He's the skull of a 10th level bard. Huh? I thought someone mentioned fighter a while back... then again, I could be mistaken.
Also featured: Fall from Grace. Damn. She's lawful neutral.
Also featured: Two Others. I think I've heard the night hag (Ravel Puzzlewell) mentioned before, but I'm not sure. Never heard about the other though.

Anyway, I've dropped TSR a line asking for their permission to scan the article and put it up here.

Friday, October 1st, 1999

Bishop's update is up!
by Calis - 10/01/99 17:15 EST

Bishop just made a news update to the official page.
A little quote to go with that:

While the beginning of October does not signify an official "beginning of the end", spirits are rising as the game nears completion. What does this mean for the Planescape: Torment website, its message boards, and the fan sites that have appeared over the past few months?
(Ed: Yeah I'd like to know that)

More Becker madness
by Calis - 10/01/99 14:55 EST

Becker decided to use his evil genius in Bishop's contest. Expect crazy stuff.

IGN interviews Torment crew
by Calis - 10/01/99 07:36 EST

IGN put up an interview with the boys at BIS...including Dave Malonado, Colin McComb, Chris Avellone and Kenneth Lee.
Go read it here.
Here's a little quote from Ken:

Kenneth Lee: Essentially, from the beginning of the game, you start off as a 3rd level fighter type character. The creatures and encounters you face complement this. From there, as you uncover more memories you will ‘remember’ and gain back levels, increased stats, and proficiencies. The rate that this happens is controlled enough so that it doesn’t get out of control. Of course, this isn’t to say that you can’t gain levels through normal means, i.e., gaining enough experience points to level up as per AD&D rules, as there will be plenty of opportunity to do that as well. The later quests will also be designed to allow you to unleash your full powers that you have gained and remembered throughout the game. Yet, that isn’t the only way to solve the later quests, as we’ve designed them so that they can be completed in many different ways. Not only through epic battles, but also by using your different stats, such as the use of your intelligence to gain certain key memories and experiences throughout the game. That will then allow the player to complete certain encounters via dialogue – so that it’ll reward gamers of all types: those that like to ‘power game’ their way through an RPG can do so, as well as those that like non-combat methods of role-playing.

Thursday, September 30th, 1999

Movie update by Tim
by Calis - 09/30/99 06:40 EST

You know the drill...

Becker interviews Jean Paul
by Calis - 09/30/99 05:16 EST

You know the drill... click here and laugh.
Here's a little quote:

Becker: What made you decide on the kilt?

Jean-Paul: It gives him a lot of flexibility for when he has to fight all those nasty monsters! Also, the kilt's dress-like qualities bring out his feminine side! The kilt transforms him into a softer, gentler undead demi-god!

Wednesday, September 29th, 1999

Juicy update!
by Calis - 09/29/99 07:42 EST

Scott just made a juicy update on the official page. He talks about how complete the game is.

Tuesday, September 28th, 1999

Ken's update
by Calis - 09/28/99 06:37 EST

Go check it out.

Saturday, September 25th, 1999

Greg's update!
by Calis - 09/25/99 07:31 EST

Go check it out.

Also, check out this post on the dev board. It's too funny.

Here's a little quote from the Gregmeister: (I wish they'd stop telling us how great the game is...:-) )

So next week I'll be down in Florida showing an advanced beta of the game, and need to get a hot copy from Ken before I go (if I can pry it out of his fingers). This is my favorite time in seeing a game come together; every day more and more of the 'polish' goes in, and yesterday I got to see some more of the final game videos. I can hardly wait to play through the game when it is all done!!

by Calis - 09/25/99 07:28 EST

Aloof & Acidarrow, two extremely cool Greeks (I used to have a website with them), have just opened their new site, which focuses on music stuff (which I don't know jack about).
Drop by and take a look...

Friday, September 24th, 1999

Dan & Tim update!
by Calis - 09/24/99 07:04 EST

Get yo' behind over to the official site for a double feature! Including some awesome shots!
click here if you value your life

Thursday, September 23rd, 1999

Colin & Ken update
by Calis - 09/23/99 06:50 EST

Guess what? The official site just got updated! Yippee!
Click here!
In other news, Kraal accepted my merger offer so expect a brand-spanking-new site soon.

Sunday, September 19th, 1999

DBTavern needs help!
by Calis - 09/19/99 13:36 EST

Wanna work for a cool Baldur's Gate / Neverwinter Nights site? Look no further! Our sister site DBTavern needs someone to help them out. Drop them a line if you're interested.
Here's the original message on DBTavern:

  • Someone with Search engines knowledge
  • Someone with somewhat knowledge of Java- and CGI-scripting
  • Someone who knows a little bit about layout and design
  • Someone who can speak good english
  • Someone who can work hard with his/her projects
  • And most important of all, someone who loves Baldur's Gate (and will love Neverwinter Nights)!
Remember that you won't earn any money at all, we just work with this site because we like to. Still interested? Mail to and tell us what you are good at! If you have got a homepage, please send us the url so we can check it out! Any own ideas are welcome, like maybe you wanna write about the Baldur's Gate storyline, famous heroes like Drizzt and Elminster, a phat review of the game or maybe search for news or anything else...please email!

Friday, September 17th, 1999

Dan's update
by Calis - 09/17/99 08:37 EST

Dan Spitzley's update is up on the official page.

Thursday, September 16th, 1999

Scott & Tim update
by Calis - 09/16/99 12:33 EST

Both Scott and Tim have posted stuff on the official page.
Go check it out.

Shame on me!
by Calis - 09/16/99 12:31 EST

All this study stuff made me miss Becker's latest interview! What are ya waiting for? GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

Tuesday, September 14th, 1999

by Calis - 09/14/99 08:13 EST

Don't click here.

Greg & Ken
by Calis - 09/14/99 07:01 EST

Two updates on the official page. One from Greg (he talks about the Hasbro thing) and one from Ken Lee, the new torment project director.
Here's a quote from Greg:

So what does this mean for us? Too early to tell right now - Wizards has said that at least in the short term nothing is going to change, so for the next 6months or so I don't expect anything new. Ultimately, I am a believer that as a property licensee you need to 'earn' the license. As long as we do the best job in the industry at making D&D computer games, why would anyone want to go anywhere else with the license? And with Baldur's Gate behind us and Planescape: Torment in front, I hope we have proven the ability to deliver the best.

Friday, September 10th, 1999

Becker's interview
by Calis - 09/10/99 15:43 EST

Although it isn't as cool as our BIS interview, Becker also put up an interview. You can find it here.
A little quote:

Becker: I've heard that some of his earlier portriats of you were rather ... revealing.

Supermodel Gwendolyn: Look, I was young and I needed the money, OK?

Well of Torment interviews Avellone and McComb!!!
by Seamus - 09/10/99 13:13 EST

Interplay was kind enough to grant us an interview with two writers of Torment: Chris Avellone and Colin McComb.
Check it out

The world would be a better place if: Everyone had access to the porn on the Internet.
-Chris Avellone

Dan Spitzley's update
by Calis - 09/10/99 06:55 EST

Update. Official site. Go check it out.

Thursday, September 9th, 1999

Torment novel chapter I
by Calis - 09/09/99 11:08 EST

... I got this news from Wycen's page, so surf over there will ya (he has more sweet stuff).
Seems like TSR put up some sweet stuff on their page.
The most interesting is the first chapter of the Torment novel (!).
Also available, Warriors of Heaven. Get them while they're hot...

Official site updates
by calis - 09/09/99 04:22 EST

Both Colin and Tim have put up updates on the official site.
Here's a little quote from Killah TD:

I think the best part about what's happing right now is you'll only see the good stuff. You're going to be on the receiving end of the product. You didn't see the game when it had the rough, temp interface. You didn't see the game with untextured buildings or unimplemented AI. You may never know what a 'clown' character looks like. (Well, what the hey. I included a picture of a townie clown for your enjoyment. Why don't YOU tell me why she looks this way. HAHAHAHAH)

Monday, September 6th, 1999

Icewind Dale
by Calis - 09/06/99 03:47 EST

Another BG engine game has been announced, called Icewind Dale (can you say "Salvatore"?)
Anyway, it's gonna be a 3d-accelerated diablo-esque hack 'n slash game using AD&D second edition rules.
Here's the post at Gamespot UK of which I have blatantly ripped a piece for your convenience:

Parker indicated that Icewind Dale will be a fast-paced dungeon adventure using a 3D accelerated version of the Baldur's Gate engine. While there will be a couple of outdoor areas, the bulk of the game takes place in six multiple-level dungeon areas. Players create a party of six characters at the start of the game, so they won't have to rely on amiable non-player characters to make up the ranks - although non-player characters can join your party for certain tasks.

Sunday, September 5th, 1999

Warcraft 3 announced!
by Calis - 09/05/99 09:47 EST

Yeah I know it's off topic, but I can't help loving Warcraft...

Anyway, Blizzard just made it official: they're making a Warcraft III, which builds on the story of the (cancelled) Warcraft Adventures.
Here's the official Press Release
Here's the official Warcraft III page at Blizzard's site

Here's a list of features, ripped from the Blizzard site:

  • Introducing Role-Playing Strategy. Players wage war in a fully interactive world that incorporates non-player characters, wandering monsters, neutral towns, strongholds, temples, and environmental effects.(Ed: I just love it when the word Role-Playing comes into play.)
  • Six different races to command including Orcs, Humans and Demons, each possessing unique units, magical abilities and weapons of war.
  • Skeletal and skinning animation process allows infinite frames of animation resulting in true fluid movement of 3D models. (Ed: 3D, Why am I not surprised?)
  • Advanced world design tools allowing players to customize every aspect of the game including tile sets, character art, quests, mission objectives, and unit types, AI, attributes, special abilities and spells.(Ed: Damn that's sweet...)
  • Expanded multiplayer options over including a larger number of players per game and multiple game types including team play and questing.

Saturday, September 4th, 1999

Any day now...
by Calis - 09/04/99 05:45 EST

I just got the HEAT newsletter in my e-mail, and it has Torment under coming soon...
This, together with the possibility of pre-ordering at the official site bodes well for the release date.

Looking at Becker's release date pool, I think the lucky winner of the crackers is going to be one of these:

  • R.P.
  • Soren
  • Spider
  • Transeer

This might be a little optimistic, but I can't help it... I have a good feeling about this.

Friday, September 3rd, 1999

Torment Dungeon needs help
by Calis - 09/03/99 18:08 EST

Wanna work at a Torment joint? Kooky over at Total Synopses sent word that he needs someone to help him with Torment Dungeon, the Planescape: Torment section of his site. You can contact him here.

Grand Opening of the Well!
by Calis - 09/03/99 17:20 EST

Yeah I know we've been up for a while, but we never had a Grand Opening so we might as well do one now... What does this mean? Beer! Free rollercoaster rides! Free alpha versions of Torment! Insanely high entrance fees! Waitaminute... we don't have beer, rollercoasters or alpha versions of Torment. Tell you what, we'll drop the insanely high entrance fee!

Official page update
by Calis - 09/03/99 15:37 EST

Tim Donley's update is up on the official Torment page. Their URL is almost as cool as ours. (Dontcha just love that .net? :-) ) I'm a bit late in posting this, but I just got back from my room in Enschede, and I don't have a net connection there. Anyway, I'm using this as an excuse to use the quote function of our news script, so here's one from Killah TD's update:

"All in all, the art is jamming along nicely. The intensity level is rising with the anticipation of the release of the game. I think we can all see the end is near and the game looks great. "

Dragon's Breath Tavern
by Calis - 09/03/99 15:29 EST

Why am I posting this? Because I was a bit late in putting this fella in our links section. Anyway, Dragon's Breath Tavern is a really cool site. Go check it out.

Thursday, September 2nd, 1999

New section: off-topic
by Seamus - 09/02/99 07:33 EST

We've created a new section in the Hall of Speakers where we put off-topic opinions about gaming. You can also participate in this. So go ahead and goto the Hall of Speakers. Enjoy...

It works!
by Calis - 09/02/99 05:31 EST

Wow. I mean, like, groovy, dude. We now have our own domain, so change your bookmarks to

Wednesday, September 1st, 1999

New news-script
by Seamus - 09/01/99 18:53 EST

We have a new news-script now. This means we can update news more easily. Sadly, the old news had to be removed.

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