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Thursday, November 11th, 1999

Torment IRC channel

by calis - 11/11/99 12:46 EST

Gaylen & Malkali have set up a nifty little Torment IRC channel. You can find it on server: and channel: #ps-torment. If you don't have an IRC client (like mIRC), use this java client.

Now it's official! BG 2 announced!!

by Spider - 11/11/99 01:01 EST

Go here and see more!!

Know a lot about Torment, berk?

by Spider - 11/11/99 00:45 EST

Then you can go here and participate in this Trivia Contest. Price you say? Well, it's glory fame an... Okey, so it's nothing but bragging rights, but stiil. Good work Flabby and dave.

We can always count on Tim...

by Spider - 11/11/99 00:33 EST

He has updated the official page, when it's been quiet for a week. He talks about how good this game will be and shows us a potential pet. Have a quote:

It's been a little quiet around here update-wise. Don't mistake it for a lack of activity on our part. It's pretty much been late nights and play testing. I can't tell you what has or hasnít been finaled or a small group of men would tuck me away in a cold place but I can tell you I think Torment looks and plays really great.

Wednesday, November 10th, 1999

Baldur's Gate 2.

by calis - 11/10/99 18:02 EST

No kidding. Check this link.
Thanks Sanjay!

WooHoo! Finally connected!

by calis - 11/10/99 13:59 EST

I finally got hooked up here in my room, so I'll be able to update during the week now! Whoopdeedoo!Still no Pit tho...

Tuesday, November 9th, 1999

Torment novel out.

by Calis - 11/09/99 07:31 EST

Apparently, it is. (I got this on the PS:T developers' board. Thanks for the info, Abdiel.)
It contains some spoilers, so I'm not sure I'm gonna get it right away.

Monday, November 8th, 1999

BGChronicles gets a new look

by Calis - 11/08/99 04:35 EST

Is it redesigning week or something?
Them, us, DBTavern...
Anyway, check it out.

Saturday, November 6th, 1999

Secret screenshot at Northshore

by Calis - 11/06/99 09:58 EST

Killah TD posted a secret screenie at the Northshore page.


by Calis - 11/06/99 09:46 EST

Hehe. Sorry about not updating, but I left you in good hands didn't I? Anyway, a few things:

Thursday, November 4th, 1999

Tim Donley updates with 5 new pics

by Kraal - 11/04/99 10:11 EST

Tim Donley has again given us more images instead of words at the official Planescape: Torment site.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 1999

12 new Torment screenshots

by Kraal - 11/03/99 13:38 EST

The cutters at GameFan have put up twelve brand-new screenshots. Check them out!

Tuesday, November 2nd, 1999

Scott Warner is talking about what makes games sell...

by Spider - 11/02/99 17:54 EST

in his update on the Official Site. His conclusion is interesting. Have a quote:

What makes a great computer game? Is it whiz-bang-wowie graphics? Appendages that sever accurately when targeted by the player? Spells that seem to resemble a dream I once had about the apocalypse? All these and more are bullet points for selling the latest and greatest to the legions of gamers out there, yet when you take a glance at PC Dataís sales figures for the year to date in June 1999, youíll see something interesting.

Ken Lee has made an update...

by Spider - 11/02/99 17:29 EST

and he is talking more about the unsung heroes of Torment. Go read it at the Official Page.Here is a quote for you:

As I write this, one can only feel the cautious uplifting feeling that we're close, and that we're almost done. One thing I can say right now is that the music ROCKS!!! "Epic" is the word at hand here. ^_^ To finish up my update from last time, here's Part 2 of the "Unsung Heroes" of Torment. So many times things are taken for granted, and with the Development team, many faces (99.5% of the team) are swept underneath the rug [please see my last update for the skinny on the great dev team that put Torment together]. Yet there's more! Here's some more very important people:

Saturday, October 30th, 1999

Hey! They updated the northshore page...

by Calis - 10/30/99 13:50 EST

while I wasn't looking!
Lotsa cool stuff, so check it out.

The dark about the Northshore site: It's an unofficial site by the Black Isle people. Why unofficial while it's being maintained by official people? I don't have a clue.

RPG article on GameProWorld

by Calis - 10/30/99 05:09 EST

GameProWorld has put up an RPG article, with a bit about Torment.
(source: BGChronicles). Here's a little quote from Chris Avellone for ya:

"Then there's Vhailor, a ghostly suit of armor, whose exaggerated sense of justice doesn't take kindly to the presence of Ignus, a flaming corpse with a number of horrendous crimes to his credit. Vhailor won't react negatively to Ignus at first, but as the latter's crimes become more apparent, you may have to decide whom you want in your party." Since nearly every party member also has its own subplot, how you handle all these problems will determine what adventures are in store for your group, as well as how they deal with more than a hundred NPCs you'll encounter.

Friday, October 29th, 1999

Dare we say it...?

by Calis - 10/29/99 07:09 EST

Release date!!! Ok, so maybe not. Still, you gotta check the post Our Favorite Marketing Troll (Greg "Big Tuna" Petersen) made on the dev board:

Wow! It's almost Halloween! The holidays are right around the corner! I wonder which RPG's are going to make it into the year?!

Well, I've been given official approval to start the "we are getting close" communication. What does this mean? It means that barring some unforeseen major bug, game balance issue, 3rdworld uprising in our production facility, or other act of God, we will be finishing up soon. The reason why I can start saying this is because we are going to start releasing launch partykits and other programs that wouldn't be particularly meaningful without some indication that the game was close to being done.

So stay tuned for the official ďgoldĒ announcement. It isnít going to be happening today, tomorrow or by this weekend, but we are most likely talking a few weeks now, versus a fewmonths.


Christmas cancelled!

by Calis - 10/29/99 06:59 EST

Head over to the official page for Dan's update. Apparently, they've cancelled Christmas.

Thursday, October 28th, 1999

Timmy D and Colin MC update

by Calis - 10/28/99 06:12 EST

Ok, I have to get a bit creative with these headlines... sue me. Anyway, Your Favorite Artist and Your Favorite Writer have made updates on the official page, so check 'em out. Here's a little quote from Colin: (less than one month! WOOHOO!)

Good news, folks: According to our QA Board, over half of our quests are bug-free, completable in every way our testers could imagine. Better news: Our QA Board is out-of-date by several days, and hasn't been updated to reflect the new truth of our ever-diminishing number of quest bugs. Even better news: The number of 100%-completable quests rises every single day, by dramatic leaps and bounds. Best news: Our estimated ship date is *well* under a month away. We just need to make sure that all our quests are bug-free, and then the game's ready to go! (we'll let the programmers and artists worry about their own bugs and pretend that the design bugs are the only important ones, because we're a little passive-aggressive that way)

Monday, October 25th, 1999

TD about character mirroring:

by Calis - 10/25/99 04:32 EST

Tim Donley just made a post on the developers' board about animation mirroring, after a fan noticed it in screenshots. Here's what he has to say about it:

Well, I'd love to tell you that we aren't 'mirroring' characters, but we are.

The reasons are many and varied but include such considerations as space that the character models take up on your hard drive as well as video memory. The decision was made based on factors such as our characters being bigger and having many more frames of animation than Baldur's Gate characters (which had the option to turn mirroring off).

Believe me, as one of the artists, I know about the 'mirroring' effect. It's a pet peeve of mine but I'd rather have that than lose out on some of the big freaking character animations we have.

Hope this answers some questions.

Thanks for listening,


Sunday, October 24th, 1999

Screenshots on Gamefan

by Calis - 10/24/99 08:57 EST

Dammit, why does everybody but us have a copy of Torment?
Anyway, check these shots Gamefan's Apache took from their pre-release copy of Torment.

Saturday, October 23rd, 1999

Torment trivia!

by Calis - 10/23/99 12:24 EST

Just noticed this on the Wizards website... apparently you can win enough cool prizes to fill a bag of holding...
Check it out!

Bishop needs some feedback!

by Calis - 10/23/99 05:25 EST

Bishop Sawyer, BIS webmaster dude, has made this request on the official page, so get yo' butt over to the dev board and give him your ideas! Here's what he wants

Hello, all. The state of the Planescape: Torment website is about to change (as I've already said). However, before it goes into post-release mode, I'd like to do a few more contests, run a few more polls, and have a little more fun on the site. Once you have Torment humming along on your machine, you'll probably only come back here to check out the latest bonus treats, share strategies, or give hints. I can think up wacky ideas all on my own -- some good, some downright stupid. So I'd like to ask you all to send me any ideas you have for contests, polls, or other fun stuff on the site. Post them on the message board or send me some e-mail. I'll be listening. Thanks.

Friday, October 22nd, 1999

Tim Donley & Dan with killer updates.

by Calis - 10/22/99 13:46 EST

Tim has put up some fresh shots for ya, and Dan has some interesting stuff to speak about. So go check the official page will ya!
A little quote from Dan:

"[Cough] [Sneeze] [Dribble]"

Dan Spitzley
24 hours ago

Flabby & Dave's site opens!

by Calis - 10/22/99 12:59 EST

Flabbyjack and Dave have finally opened their Torment site for the general public. Check it here. The most interesting part of this site is the profiles section.

Wednesday, October 20th, 1999

Sassy arrived home

by Seamus - 10/20/99 15:53 EST

And it looks like Sassy brought something with him . This is the final chapter of the first Sassy adventure, "Sassy trapped in The Well of Torment".
Sassy the Movie is coming soon in a cinema near you.

Thanks to Spider for his creative input.

Scott's update is...well...up.

by Calis - 10/20/99 06:50 EST

So go check the official site.
Here's a little quote for ya (Go Adam!):

Another large chunk of my time is currently being spent on an area I designed towards the later portion of the game. Without saying something that would give pieces away, I will say that there is a LOT going on and without Adam Heine involved, I doubt that it would have even materialized. Time and time again he manages to amaze us by solving the problems with what we design, and often times improving on the original ideas. Thank you Adam!

Ken Lee updates.

by Calis - 10/20/99 06:47 EST

Go read.

Monday, October 18th, 1999


by Calis - 10/18/99 05:02 EST

I would hereby like to congratulate J.E. "Bishop" Sawyer, Black Isle webmaster. He turned 24 (I think) today. CONGRATULATIONS BISHOP!!!

Saturday, October 16th, 1999

Big Tuna about boxes

by Calis - 10/16/99 04:35 EST

After a discussion on the dev board about boxes and pre-ordering, Greg "Big Tuna" Peterson made a marketing update on the official site about, among other things, boxes.

Friday, October 15th, 1999

Exclusive screenshots! Sassy free!

by Calis - 10/15/99 13:36 EST

We've released Sassy, since BIS has met our demands. Check out the cool exclusive screenshots from the opening movie Tim Donley sent me:

Adam Heine releases script!!!

by Calis - 10/15/99 13:25 EST

Another Torment infobit!
After I made that Sassy post (the one above, I want it to stay on top for now cuz i'm so happy about it :-)) where I stated Tim is the only one who cares about Sassy, he made this post:

Just cuz Tim is a big artist-type guy, he's got all this cool stuff to release like screenshots and animations and movies and stuff. What can I release?

Scripts. Well, whoopdey-snot. Look, here's a script that's part of one of my favorite cutscenes in the game (I spent a lot of time on it):

// "I care little for how you die, but I warn you for the last time: arise, or I shall slay you where you lie."

CutSceneID( "RavelCut" )

CutSceneID( "TransCut" )
PlaySound( "TRA075B" )
// MoveToPoint( [582.3510] )
MoveToPoint( [612.3495] )
PlaySequence( ANIM_TALK2 )
PlaySequence( ANIM_MISC1 )
StartCutScene( "0610ct3g" )

Spiffy Spitzley updates

by Calis - 10/15/99 10:12 EST

Dan Spitzley, Programmer and owner (no, not owner, lifetime partner) of Sassy (whom we'll release today!) has made an update over at the official page. Here's a little quote from Dan:

"Can't talk. Debugging."

Thursday, October 14th, 1999

Da Artmeister updates.

by Calis - 10/14/99 08:41 EST

Tim Donley has made an update on the official page.. Don't go read it, you might get an idea what the ransom for Sassy was...

Becker interviews Ravel

by Calis - 10/14/99 08:36 EST

Becker has posted another of his excellent interviews. Check it here.

Wednesday, October 13th, 1999

Colin & Ken update

by Calis - 10/13/99 05:48 EST

Both Colin & Ken have posted cool stuff on The official page.
Here's a quote from Colin:

Here's today's design update:
We're now officially fine-tuning. I'm working on bestiary descriptions of the creatures you'll run into over the course of the game, working on bug fixes as the testers bring them to me, and fine-tuning some characters and their commands.

Sassy drama almost over

by Calis - 10/13/99 05:34 EST

I am pleased to announce that we've come to a resolution of the Sassy drama.
We will release Sassy this weekend, as BIS has met our demands. Check back friday or saturday...

Saturday, October 9th, 1999

Greg about the game

by Calis - 10/09/99 06:25 EST

Greg made an update on the official page, about the game.
A little quote for ya:

I've been playing the game a lot lately and can honestly say you're going to love it. Of course I am trying to be as critical as possible because my job is to help find bugs and balance issues, but I can hardly wait until I have the chance to go back and leisurely play the finished product. The things that have stuck me so far about the game are its visual richness, the depth and uniqueness of situations, and its size. This is one big game (he says as he looks at the 2.6 Gig space the game is taking on his hard drive)! I have also been playing through with different characters (in terms of starting stats and gaming styles) and have been surprised at the way the game changes. Let me tell you right now, you're gonna want to take some time off work for this one.

Sound post on message board

by Calis - 10/09/99 06:24 EST

Charles Deenen, Interplay sound dude, made a post on the dev board. He talks about the sound they're doing for the 29 movies in the game (and yes, another number has been revealed). Anyway, go read it.

Friday, October 8th, 1999

Wow! It's, like, auto-archiving!

by Calis - 10/08/99 07:24 EST

Anybody noticed that our script automatically archives the news? Nifty. Pity it still says Gamestats console interviews... I'll fix that this weekend.

Becker uses flames

by Calis - 10/08/99 07:22 EST

Becker has posted another of his brilliant interviews (now don't get cocky...)
I wonder where he got that scanned picture from Dragon magazine? :-)
Go read it, after reading the quote below of course.

Becker: Cool. So what do you think your "fiendish" father saw in your human mother anyway?

Pharod: I never really thought about it. I guess itís hard to meet nice girls on the lower planes. As for why my Mom saw in my Dad, thatís obvious.

Becker: Superhuman strength? A vast array of deadly magical abilities?

Pharod: Uh, no. She said it was because he drove a 1957 Chevrolet Firebird that was in mint condition.

Thursday, October 7th, 1999

The sound of roleplaying

by Calis - 10/07/99 05:20 EST

Both Tim and Scott have put up posts on the official page.
Tim talks about the sound & music in Torment (he basically pats the sound guys on the back) and Scott talks about other CRPG's: Ultima, Fallout and System Shock.

Black Isle's revenge...

by Calis - 10/07/99 05:16 EST

We knew we were taking risks by kidnapping Sassy...
Black Isle has made a death threat to us.

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