The Deal

For those wondering why the delay between interviews: I was accepted as a writer for The Barstool
However ... I haven't heard diddly-squat from them in over a week, so maybe I'll be doing more stuff for my website.

Thanks for the show of support last autumn when I was doing all of this. Y'all are cool.

This is more of a "what's old" than a "what's new" but I'd thought I'd leave it in so you could see all the contest guesses. I stopped doing a lot of web work because I got a paying hobby over at The Barstool a free monthly newspaper that covers the Washington DC nightlife. So my "writing time" has been given over to them. Paper copies are available at finer establishments and the crummy web version can be relied upon to publish 25% of the articles 25% of the time.

The image on interview Nine is actually Interplay's own Bishop Sawyer, used without permission. You can download it from his Bauldur's Gate site. You will need shockwave to view the site, and it is well worth it!


So one day, Adam Heine makes a wiseguy remark about starting up a pool for when Torment will actually be released. People have started to take him up on his offer and I am no exception! The contest is closed (because the game is, like, already out) but I'm keeping all the guess up.

Yeah, it was a crummy prize. Hey, it isn't like I'm getting swag from TSR to give away!

The list of entrants!:

Congratualtions to Aldrian! Crackers will be delivered when I get to it!

* Interplay's Colin McComb didn't actually submit his "guess" officially, but he posted that on The Torment Message Board and I thought I should include it for completion's sake.



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