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Astral conduits are shafts that go directly from the Prime Material Plane to one of the Outer Planes. They pass right trough the Astral Plane and look like giant silver arteries there. Not many Planars know that on some Prime Material Worlds there also exists another kind of conduit: The Digital Conduits. They are shafts that go do not go to the Outer Planes, but to the lesser known Cyber Plane and pass through the Digital Plane. It is said, that the Cyber and Digital Planes are actually created by Techno-Wizards, and that, as a result of their magic, these worlds are now cut-off from the Astral, Outer, Ethereal and Elemental Planes. The few Planars that do know of these worlds often pity the people who live there, because they do not know for certain what happens to their dead, and will probably have problems contacting their Gods.


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Sorcerer's kicks ass if you need D&D-related stuff.

English Fan Sites

Sorcerer's Place
Lotsa CRPG stuff, and a HUGE collection of Torment material and links. Also, we're on their server.

GamesBanshee Planescape: Torment
A pretty complete site, loads of info here. Be sure to also check out their sections on other games.

Ganesh's site
A lot of info on Torment, Ultima 7 & 8 and Underworld 1 & 2.

HK's Planescape Torment
Very comprehensive site, with item locations and lots of other stuff.

The Locus Inn
Nice site, not a lot there yet though.

Malkali's Tormented Shrubberies
Insta-madness! You've got to love this...

Becker's PS: Torment
Funny page, has interviews with the characters.

Flabby's house of Pa(i)ncakes
Some pretty good stuff here! Torment trivia, quotes, favorite threads, and PROFILES! My profile's on here :-)

Waters of the Styx
This awesome site is being made by the folks at the Mimir. It's gonna link Torment to pen&paper Planescape.

The Nameless Page
Pretty good site.

Paul's Planescape: Torment Page
Not a lot there yet, but there will be, soon.

Torment Underground
Very nice design, but not really updated anymore...

The New Rossyth Shipyards
Some cool pen&paper stuff.

Non-English Fan Sites

Gefahrliche Dimensionen - German
If you understand the language, you HAVE to visit this one.

Danish Torment
Sadly, you'll have to be able to read Danish.

Russian fansite
This is the number 1 russian fansite, with a strong design and lots of info.

Polish Torment
Nice design, and 100% Polish...

Cheats & Hacks

Infinity Explorer
Wanna see the dirty insides of Torment?

Lotsa user-friendly, versatile utilities here.

A command-line based save editor.


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Awards for Torment

CGO 99 awards:
Best RPG of the year

Vaultnetwork 99 awards
Torment got a *lot* of awards here:

  • Game of the Year
  • Surprise of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement in Writing
  • Memorable Character of the Year (Morte)
  • Developer of the Year (Black Isle Studios)
  • Unsung Hero of the Year (Feargus Urquhart)
  • Best Spokesperson of the Year (Greg "Big Tuna" Peterson)
  • Official Site of the Year

Gamespot 99 awards
Torment got these awards here:

Other Sites

I Play Games
THE unofficial source to Interplay games.

RPG Review
Cool site. Visit.

Bioware Corp
Remember Baldur's Gate?

Alternative home of the people at Black Isle. Worth a visit.

360 Degrees
Cool hardware/gaming site. You can read some reviews written by Calis here :-)


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