The Dark of...

The Nameless One
Fiends & Powers

The Pit

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Name: Annah
Race: Tiefling
Profession: Fighter/Thief
Location: Pharod's Vault (Buried Village)
To recruit: Bring the Bronze Sphere to Pharod

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Name: Fall-From-Grace
Race: Succubus
Profession: Priestess
Location: Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts (Clerk's Ward)
To recruit: Talk to all of her students in the Brothel, including the cabinet in the room to the left of the entrance.
Name: Morte Rictusgrin
Race: Mimir
Profession: Fighter
Location: Mortuary
To recruit: Joins you at start of the game.

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Name: Vhailor
Race: Unknown
Profession: Fighter
Location: Northeastern cell in Curst Underground Prison
To recruit: When you can leave the Prison, go behind the portal.

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Name: Nordom
Race: Modron
Profession: Fighter
Location: Modron Maze (set on hard)
To recruit: Find him and talk to him.

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Name: Dak'kon
Race: Githzerai
Profession: Fighter/Mage
Location: Smoldering Corpse Bar (Hive)
To recruit: Talk to him.

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Name: Ignus
Race: Human
Profession: Mage
Location: Smoldering Corpse Bar (Hive)
To recruit: Find the Decanter of Endless Water in the Drowned Nations section of the Weeping Catacombs, take it to Glyve (found near the middle of the Weeping Catacombs, look on your map). He will tell you to ask Nemelle (at the southeastern cafe in the Clerk's Ward) for the command word. Use it on Ignus.

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