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The Nameless One is the character you play in Planescape: Torment; he's a battle-scarred amnesiac man who seems to be immortal. The catch to his immortality is that each time he "dies", he wakes up with no memories of what happened to him.

This includes memories of his skills. In his long life, the Nameless One has been a 24th level cleric, warrior and mage; unfortunately, he loses the powers when he dies. In the game, though, you'll have a chance to sling around 9th level spells, without the hindrance of an experience cap. Along the way, you'll get help in the form of magical weapons. However, while a weapon could be a +2 bastard sword, it might also have an intellect of its own and talk to the Nameless One. Who knows, maybe some of them need to be convinced or coddled in order to become a nasty chiv in the hands of the Nameless One.

In the game, the Nameless One can choose to learn new skills by getting training. You can talk to your fellow NPC party members, and if you've been nice to them, they'll teach you some new tricks. Also, you can speak to other NPCs, like Eli Havelock from the Civic Festhall, and train to get new skills. However, you may have to pay for such training, and you don't always pay in gold.

The Nameless One's Stats
Strength Unknown
Wisdom Unknown
Constitution Unknown
Charisma Unknown
Dexterity Unknown
Intelligence Unknown

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