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Posted by Halcyan on March 04, 2002 at 03:16:07:

Hey guys! Finally got around to installing and playing this game (and that's where my entire weekend went).

I have a handful of questions still:

#1. I've heard that you can get in trouble with the Lady if you kill too many things. Does this just mean people in general (NPC's), or does it also include Hive Thugs, Black Abishai, etc.

#2. On a similar note, all of those Black Abishai wandering about are just pockets of EXP, right? They're easy enough to kill and provide tons of XP. Is there a downside to killing them (and they do appear to re-spawn, right?)?

#3. Just to verify: You get HP according to class if it's your highest class. Otherwise, you only get 1 HP?

#4. Also, I take it that Dak'kon is using the old rules for multi-class HP? I can see that his CON bonus is divided between his two classes. So, when he gains a level in Fighter or Mage, the max he can gain is 10/2=5 or 4/2=2? (And then 5+2=7 if he gains in both simultaneously?).

#5. Are there any more wizard spells that can be found in the Hive? I have 9 1st-level (Armor, Blindness, Chromatic Orb, Fist of Iron, Friends, Identify, Magic Missile, Pacify, Shield), 7 2nd-level (Blood Bridge, Blur, Horror, Ice Knife, Knock, Strength, Swarm Curse), as well as all of the Zerthimon spells (Scripture of Steel, Submerge the Will, Vilquar's Eye, Power of One, Balance in All Things, Missile of Patience, and Zerthimon's Focus). Are there any more to be found before entering the Trash Warrens place and moving on to Disc 3?

#6. Also, it's rather annoying that I have a slot to memorize a 4th-level spell yet no 4th-level spells in my spellbook. Grrrrr...

Okay, well that's about it for now. Thanks!

- Halcyan

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