Pondering the Opening Movie I

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Posted by Quill Dragon on July 11, 2002 at 15:39:16:

Let us try and help each other ponder this matter:

History and/or Metaphor?

1. First we see the dustmens' obsidian pillar of names, which is found in Sigil right next to the Mortuary.

Historical: This Pillar verily exists and the-nameless-one has surely seen it before in previous incarnations

Metaphorical: It could be a metaphor for the countless lives, which the-nameless-one has lived through already.

2. The shelves of skulls owned by the Bone-Master.

Historical: These shelves are verily historical, since we get to visit them again when Morte is kidnapped. The nameless one must have seen them before perhaps.

Metaphorical: The countless skulls could also be metaphorical for the-nameless-one's countless lives and deaths.

3. We see an unknown woman not in undead state, who seems to be in some kind of despair. At the same time we see the symbol of Torment the-nameless-one wear on his left shoulder. Into this symbol, however, a crying female arabesque creature seems to be woven.

Historical: Who is this woman? She is not Deionarra, since she had/has long hair. She could neither be Annah, since the first time the-nameless-one meets Annah is in the incarnation we as the player gets to play. She could hardly be Aelwyn either if the woman we see here in flashback 3 is the same we see anew in flashback 6. If this flashback is historical it must refer to a happening, which we never unravel of in the game. That is of course very likely since the-nameless-one has lived thousands of lives and we hear of a few of them. Could this be a flashback concerned somehow with the terrible and dark crime, which we learn the nameless-one committed and which brought him to seek immortality so that he would have time enough to try and correct his wrong?
That is my own best guess.

Metaphorical: The woman we see could be metaphorical, but if so I cannot see what she should be a metaphor of. The symbol of torment with the arabesque female creature interwoven may both point to the past crime, but it could also point to something the practical incarnation says:

?You DARE lecture me?! Women have always walked our path with us ? whether Deionarra or Ravel or any other woman, and they have suffered, and it was always their CHOICE. Deionarra would have died for me if I'd asked her to. There was no CRIME.?

Perhaps the interwoven female creature in the symbol of torment is a metaphor for all the women, who have loved and lost the nameless-one through countless ages.

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