Pondering the Opening Movie II

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Posted by Quill Dragon on July 11, 2002 at 15:41:35:

4. We see a hand, which is not in the undead state caress the woman's face. It looks very much like the woman we saw in flashback 3. Suddenly she vanishes into thin air. The person, who caressed her looks around in a desperate manner finding nothing except an empty room. Suddenly he sees her again perhaps in another place since the light shifts dramatically. Yet, this time she has become a terrible undead corpse, which along with many other undead corpses point at you as if they pronounce you guilty.

Historical: Is all of this historical or only part of it. The whole scenery appears very nightmare and dream like. Again this could very well be a flashback concerned with either a past life we do not hear of or still more likely the past dark crime, which we are never specifically explained the nature of. Why did she disappear? The person who caressed her can hardly have been the one to send her away, since he seems so desperate when she is gone, yet still it seems that he is guilty in her terrible undead state. A very mysterious flashback indeed.

Metaphorical: Metaphorical the disappearance of the probably beloved lady could be a picture of how the-nameless-one has systematically ruined and lost everything he ever loved in his vain attempt to undo what cannot be undone i.e. the past. But still that interpretation seems a little far fetched. I myself find it more likely, that it is connected to the past crime somehow.
The undead pointing the-nameless-one out as guilty could be a metaphor for the many deaths, which the nameless-one has caused during his countless incarnations.

5. We see a man, who is drowning. Hands in an undead state reach out towards the drowning man. We know not if they do so in order to save him from drowning or why, but apparently the drowning man is terrified of the person reaching out for him.

Historical: We do not know exactly when the nameless-one entered the undead state, which he is in as he wakes up in the mortuary and we get to control him. I think however that the person reaching out for the drowning man is the nameless one after he has become undead and that that perhaps is what scares the drowning man. This event should then perhaps be a newer event not connected to the past dark crime. After all Ravel tells us, that the nameless one was beautiful full of fire when he first came to her and not in the sad (undead) state, which the he is in when we (the player) gets to meet Ravel.

Metaphorical: If it should be seen as metaphorical it could be a picture of how the nameless-one tries in vain to right his wrongs only causing more pain and suffering in the process.

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