Pondering Deionarra's Prophecy II

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Posted by Quill Dragon on August 03, 2002 at 08:28:17:

Who were these "enemies three"? We know for sure, that The Transcended One was not one of them, since Deinoarra says: "but none more dangerous than yourself in your full glory." She thus differs between the "enemies three" and "yourself in your full glory" i.e. The Transcended One. We also know that these "enemies three" were "shades of evil, good and of neutrality" and that they had been "given life and twisted by the laws of the planes." Who might fit that description?

Trias (Good turned Evil)
Trias was a lawful good creature from Mount Celestia, who became evil and sought to lead an army of demons against Mount Celestia itself. Thus he was a good creature, who was twisted and became evil.

Ravel (Neutral Evil turned Lawful Evil towards TNO by Love)
"Ravel neutral!" you might say in disbelief "How can you mean that!". It is true, that many characters in the game says, that Ravel is pure evil, but that is not really true since we also learn, that she came from "The Grey Waste". "The Grey Waste" belongs to the neutral evil plane, which connects her to neutrality. Ravel was changed by love and thus made to help TNO, which compromised the neutral element of her nature. Love made her faithful to TNO despite her evil nature. Thus she changed from neutral evil to lawful evil.

I have heard people suggesting, that it should be Pharod, who was the "shadow of neutrality", but if so in what way was Pharod then TNO's enemy? ("You shall meet enemies three"). Pharod never attacked TNO and even let the only person he had some love for (Annah) go with TNO. That is hardly the profile of an enemy unless we had to do with a creature like Fhjull Forked Tongue, which would love to kill TNO, but is forced to be kind by a contract. That is not the case with Pharod.

Fhjull Forked Tongue (Evil turned Good)
Fhjull Forked Tongue was a evil creature. He was tricked into signing a contract by Trias. A contract, which forced him to be good.

What do you think?

Quill Dragon

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