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Posted by Wonderer on August 05, 2002 at 07:15:54:

In Reply to: Does Ignus ever do anything interesting? posted by Cory on August 04, 2002 at 18:46:00:

Well we learn in the trial of impulse, that the practical incarnation did not train Ignus or at least he says so. I believe him, for if the practical incarnation had spant any time on Ignus it would have had a practical purpose and he would have taken ignus with him to FOR, which he did not.
The fishwoman near the market in the lower ward saw the practical incarnation before he went to FOR. He was together with Dakkon (the one stinking of alchohol), Xachariah and Deionarra (and morte?), but not Ignus. Ignus does not do much roleplaying except he will now and then say things to you like: "I will burn you, then sset fire to the planesss"
and "The flamesss will consume you" or "The skies shall be flamesss, and all life shall be as torches" As I see it Ignus hates you and loves you, burning both with love and hatred. A tragic character indeed. I agree with you, that it was a little known incarnation, who trained Ignus.

TTO will use him against you before the trial of impulse if you are good. (If you are evil Vhailor will come for you instead I am told). When you kill Ignus after TTO has summoned him he will say as his fire dies out and he is reduced to carred remains:
"Master forgive me. I have betrayed your teaching."
That scene almost brought me to tears. To hear him beg my forgiveness was almost unbearable when it was I who was to beg his...

I hear that if you are evil Vhailor and not Ignus will battle you before the trial of impulse and you can keep Ignus. If you then get the "good" ending where you get to resurrect your companions you can resurrect Ignus too and he will hold a speech about the fire plane. But I have not tried this yet so I know not if it is true and if it is what Ignus says.

Have you tried that Cory? I will try to play through with a evil character sometime, but there are so many things to try along the good storyline for me still :)

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