Becoming The Silent King and the small Bug

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Posted by Wonderer on August 21, 2002 at 10:08:15:

I have done it. It is not just a rumour. You can become the silent king yourself, but there is a bug related to it, but not a very big one.
You need to have high charisma (I had 18) the first time you visit the undead community in the catacombs. Then you have to learn speak to the dead (higher int needed. I had 18) from stale Mary. You then have to try and get to talk to the silent king by talking to the mouth of the silent king (the skeleton mage) and be told that that is impossible. Do not try to solve any of the quests Hargrimm gives you! Now return to stale mary and if your charisma and intelligence is high enough you will get a dialogue option, which will make stale mary help you. She will tell you how to open a gate into the silent kings chamber. When you get there the mouth of the silent king and stale mary will both enter and you may talk to them about the tight situation the undead community is in. You can convince them to let you leave but you can also convince them that you could take the silent kings place. They warn you that he who seats himself in the throne of the silent king cannot leave the throne again. He will sit there untill he dies (which TNO never will on his own).If you accept to become the silent king still the screen will blur and then you will see a short sequence where TNO walks to the throne. Then the screen blurs again and stays blurred, which is the bug. I suspect, that the movie which is always played if somehting happens, which makes TNO's quest impossible should have been started here. The Bug thus consists in a "missing link" so to speak.

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