Whew! That fiend is hard to kill (and other ***SPOILERS***)

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Posted by Cory on July 09, 2003 at 23:10:49:

1) Wow... Fiend from Morridor's box is hard to kill, especially if you're a mage! I find it, and decide to unleash all of my brutal mage power on it... however, ball lightning, chain lightning storm, and call lightning have no effect. Chromatic Orb bounces off harmlessly. Fire and Ice once did a whopping ~10 pts. of damage, those Patience Missiles ALL did no damage, Reign of Anger didn't work, Spiritual Hammer did... uh... 4 damage... Swarm Curse worked OK, and managed to do, maybe ~15 damage per spell. GREAT!

However... there is one spell that the fiend had no reistance to... ::cackles:: Balance in all things! So, I had to keep running up (with BIAT on) and keep getting killed and killed...

2) Recently got to the Cassius part. I was hoping to best him in a contest of whits, but I ahd pickpocketed him first. The conversation went like this:

Cassius: You stole my bandages!
TNO: Yeah, so how are you going to stop me from taking that sword?
Cassius: I was robbed by a MORTAL! I am so shamed. ::teleports away in shame::

Kewl, eh?

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