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Monday, December 27th, 1999

Anotha' strategy guide giveaway!

by Calis - 12/27/99 08:49 EST

This time at Evil Avatar.

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Sunday, December 26th, 1999

Game Zealot loves Torment!

by Calis - 12/26/99 08:26 EST

Who doesn't?

In fact, calling Planescape: Torment a video game does not do it justice. It is a work of art created on a digital canvas.

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Saturday, December 25th, 1999

Poll, poll, poll!

by Calis - 12/25/99 10:52 EST

Scroll down a bit and vote in our poll! Pretty pretty please? :)

Merry christmas all!!

by Calis - 12/25/99 06:19 EST

Well, that's all I wanted to say, really.

Friday, December 24th, 1999 IRC server down!

by Calis - 12/24/99 14:20 EST

To reach the "official" Torment IRC channel, you now have to go to channel #torment.

Never used IRC before? Don't panic! Just download mIRC and everything will be fine...

Walkthrough @ Daily Radar

by Calis - 12/24/99 11:33 EST

Yep, they've got one. Of course, you could also use ours under armory/walkthroughs.
Check the Daily Radar walkthrough here.

AVault reviews Torment

by Calis - 12/24/99 10:34 EST

The Adrenaline Vault (one of my favorite review sites) has posted a killer review of Torment!

A number of other added features turn a good RPG into 1999's best. When it comes to controlling multiple characters, Torment is just as effective as Baldur's Gate, except in Torment, the characters you meet and can bring into your party are truly a work of art. From the lady vampire that wears a chastity belt to the humorous and always colorful talking skull named Morte, the party members are lively and extremely fun to interact with. As the story unfolds and the Nameless One's past is uncovered, the relationships between the characters are revealed, and the dynamics that result do a great job of bringing the narrative full circle. Black Isle has done a fantastic job in creating a digital environment almost identical to what I pictured Planescape to be, and their rendition of Sigil, the Lady of Pain and the extraplanar creatures couldn't be better. Each and every area of the city is filled with Baatezu, Tieflings, and other weirdoes. While going through one part of Sigil, I accidentally killed one of the Lady of Pain's little handymen, and she came down and pummeled me right quick. Ultimately, there is no question this is the RPG of the year, and the game is a fair bit better than its predecessor. While it's not as innovative technically, having used primarily the same engine as Baldur's Gate, it is much more inventive in terms of storyline and character interaction. And isn't that what role-playing is really all about?

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Thursday, December 23rd, 1999

Bigass update to Armory

by Calis - 12/23/99 14:46 EST

Check it out... more items, more weapons and a tattoo section!!!

Thanks again to Mob.

GA-RPG's killer review of Torment...

by Calis - 12/23/99 13:08 EST

Another *big* review, this time at GA-RPG:

Planescape: Torment puts you into so many different situations of gameplay that you canít help but to have fun with it. From solving a murder at the foundry to battling larvel worms in Under-Sigil, Torment offers a lot of variety in what you do during the game. Tasks can be accomplished several ways, so choose the play style that you would enjoy the most. I personally never paid attention to my alignment when I played the game, so it was interesting to see myself ending the game with a neutral good alignment. I always picked true neutral when given the option to pick an alignment in other games from the start, but in reflection on my actions in Torment, that was pretty much right on the money.

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Torment runner up in Gamespy RPG of the year!

by Seamus - 12/23/99 08:45 EST

Only System Shock 2 is better, according to Not bad for a game that isn't even available yet in a large part of the world...

It is true that this AD&D fantasy game just hit store shelves, but the early previews make it clear that the polish on this game makes it a must have for any fan of RPGs. As the Nameless One, who has lived for thousands of years, your character runs into numerous NPCs, including skulls and suits of armor, each with their own in-depth personalities. The game utilizes a similar engine to the 1998 RPG hit Baldur's Gate, but in a much darker setting. While the game utilizes AD&D rules, they are soon forgotten when diving into the actual gaming experience. The graphics are vivid and the sound surreal. Yes, Torment is new, but already a hit.

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Torment trainer...

by Calis - 12/23/99 06:25 EST

Personally, I'm not gonna use it, but if you want to, it's there:

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Items list updated!

by Calis - 12/23/99 02:56 EST

Thanks again to Mob for sending 'em in!

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Wednesday, December 22nd, 1999

by Calis - 12/22/99 08:18 EST

Gamespot has posted a review of Torment.

In fact, it's evidence of Torment's impressive achievement that its problems, which would be detrimental to most any other game, seem so negligible. It's clearly the best traditional computer role-playing game of the year and is bound to be an all-time favorite for many of its inevitable fans. That's because it's a great-looking game that's lengthy but never boring, and it begs to be played through more than once, just as its unique hero and his story promise not to be forgotten.

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Tuesday, December 21st, 1999

New Pit member + walkthrough!

by Calis - 12/21/99 18:25 EST

His name is Huggies_Dragon (don't ask) and he's writing a kickass walkthrough! Check it out under armory/walkthroughs

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by Calis - 12/21/99 12:05 EST

Elliot Chin at Gamespot posted this:

A month ago I questioned Interplay's ability to deliver a good Planescape role-playing game. Specifically, I said, "I want to see if Interplay screwed up the Planescape license like I suspect." Well, after playing the game, I have to take back that statement. While Interplay didn't take full advantage of the license, it definitely didn't screw it up. I was very worried because I truly enjoy the license and the qualities that make it such a unique and fun setting for role-playing. I feared that Interplay wouldn't be able to capture that essence. But now that I have played Torment for over a week now, almost nonstop, I can say with certainty that regardless of license, this is a very good RPG.

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Impossible Odds

by Calis - 12/21/99 12:01 EST

Another article at FHOP, this time about getting killed.

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Monday, December 20th, 1999

Happy x-mas from Becker

by Calis - 12/20/99 16:49 EST

Becker wishes all of you a tormented christmas!!!

Then how the followers loved him As they shouted out with glee "Lim-Lim the small green follower you can go to Baator with me!"

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Last Words guide at FHOP

by Calis - 12/20/99 14:20 EST

Head over to our hosted site FHOP for an awesome article called "how to die".

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Torment guide giveaway!

by Calis - 12/20/99 12:02 EST

BGChronicles is giving away five Sybex Torment strategy guides!!! Click the link below...

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Sunday, December 19th, 1999

Diablo vs. Fallout

by Calis - 12/19/99 14:14 EST

Head over to GA-RPG's RPG of the Millenium poll and vote Fallout! They're currently doing Fallout vs. Diablo, and we can't let Diablo win!!!

Chrissyboy interviewed at GameVortex

by Calis - 12/19/99 14:10 EST

Gamevortex has interviewed Chris Avellone, lead designer of Torment.

I think the setting translated well into Torment; there's plenty of hack and slash glory in the game, but there's a lot more mind-bending and character-defining moments present. What you do, what you say, and your actions define your character and the Planes around him Ė which is what Planescape's all about.

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Saturday, December 18th, 1999

New boards

by Calis - 12/18/99 19:25 EST

We now have two message boards, one for discussion and one for hints/strategy/spoilers.
I tried to preserve the messages on the old board, but I messed up bigtime. My humble apologies for this. I promise not to mess with stuff I don't understand in the future. Again, sorry to all who posted on our boards. If you have running threads I suggest you repost 'em.

Flabby's House of Paincakes is back!!!

by Calis - 12/18/99 15:09 EST

FHOP, one of the most ridiculous Torment related sites on the web, is back with a vengeance! They are now hosted right here on the Pit, with a kick-ass new design!
The site isn't completely finished yet, but it should give you an idea of what's to come. Make sure you check out the "contests" area and the "profiles" area.

FHOP is our first hosted site. If you're interested in having your site hosted on the Pit, head over to our affiliate page.

Review at PC.IGN

by Calis - 12/18/99 11:25 EST

IGN.PC has posted a very positive review of Torment. They gave gameplay a solid 10/10!!!
Why, oh why, isn't this game out yet here in Europe?
(news source: Vaultnetwork)

Fantastic story, fantastic interface and a fantastic world to explore. This is everything I'm looking for in an RPG.

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Friday, December 17th, 1999

Possible solve for slowdowns

by Calis - 12/17/99 17:48 EST

Visari posted this on our message boards. Thanks Visari!

I read over at BG Chronicles that its possible that the people running their desktops at 32 bit color are the ones having the Slowdowns. Setting the desktop to 16bit color fixes it for good. I have not tried this yet so I can't confirm.


Support FAQ at Interplay

by Calis - 12/17/99 14:10 EST

Interplay just put up a support FAQ for Torment, for all the poor sods having trouble with the game. Click the link below.

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Christmas present from Gorm

by Calis - 12/17/99 13:54 EST

Gorm sent us a christmas present. Head over to the front wing for a bloody mess....

Gamefan reviews Torment

by Calis - 12/17/99 13:29 EST

Apache, one of the coolest people on the web, has written an extremely positive review of Torment on Gamefan.
Here's a little quote:

I could write a book about how good this game is, and what awaits. But that would ruin all the fun! Visually, the game is great. Itís much better than Baldurís Gate (of the same game engine), and the music and sounds fit the overall mood. The controls are easy to learn, and the game play is superb. Planescape Torment is a huge game, with four CDs of data to explore. Honestly, this is one RPG I want to play again, and I really hope they make an expansion pack or a sequel, so I can continue my journey through the planes. In my opinion, Planescape Torment is the best RPG of the year, and maybe the best overall game. Itís not perfect; there are some bugs (some areas suffer severe slow-down), and a slew of other minor problems. But overall, itís very playable. All the problems can be fixed with a minor patch or two. I really loved this game, and I will play it again--trying a ďdifferent path,Ē so to speakÖ

Wednesday, December 15th, 1999

Becker interviews Floyd (The Nameless One)

by Calis - 12/15/99 18:15 EST

Becker has posted another of his awesome satirical interviews. This time Floyd, aka the Nameless One, is interviewed. Click the link below, or else... :)

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Items section

by Calis - 12/15/99 18:13 EST

We now have the humble beginnings of an items section in the Armory. Thanks to Mob for sending us some info (I still don't have the game)

Recollection opens!

by Calis - 12/15/99 14:57 EST

Exitium's torment site, The Recollection, is now officially open. The Journal section is pretty cool.

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Official site updated!

by Calis - 12/15/99 12:58 EST

Timmyboy has updated:

A lot of people asked about the foreign language versions. As we speak, programming and QA are finishing up those versions. The nice thing (for me and the artists) is Bioware made it pretty easy for us to make artistic changes. Basically, we just replace some rendered button art and viola! Most translation duties involve changing a huge ole text file. This file effects everything from dialogs to descriptions to some of the buttons. The end result is the French and German versions should be out soon. Iíve heard varying reports from one to three weeks but that depends on how smooth translation integration goes.

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David Farmer interviewed right here!

by Calis - 12/15/99 08:57 EST

I've just posted my interview with David Farmer, the man who did the spell sound effects in the game. Click the link below:

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Torment review at DailyRadar

by Calis - 12/15/99 08:52 EST

Check it out! They name it a "direct hit". (news source: GA-RPG)

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Torment first impressions at RPGHQ

by Calis - 12/15/99 07:49 EST

RPGHQ has posted their first impressions of Torment. Click the link below.

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Tuesday, December 14th, 1999

Chris' Developer Profile at Vaultnetwork

by Calis - 12/14/99 15:33 EST

Vaultnetwork has posted a developer profile of Chris. Thanks to Mob for telling me, I'd completely missed it. Click the link below

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MMX support

by Calis - 12/14/99 06:16 EST

Jim Gardner made this post on the dev board. Woohoo! The game can be run without MMX!!!

Torment will run without MMX, but some of the blit routines have been re-written to take advantage of MMX if you have it.


Torment First Impressions at GA-RPG

by Calis - 12/14/99 04:53 EST

GA-RPG has posted their first impressions of Torment. A good read for people who don't have the game yet (like me :-) )

Also be sure to visit their RPG of the Millenium poll on the front page. We can't let Diablo win! It wasn't an RPG!!!

10,000 visitors!!

by Seamus - 12/14/99 03:47 EST

Visitor number 10,000 arrived on the Pit today! We'd like to thank all people who made this site possible, and you for visiting it.

special thanks to:
Chris Avellone, Charles Deenen, Tim Donley, Adam Heine, Colin McComb and Greg Peterson from Interplay/BIS; Kryptonite, Tanx and Tim from IPlayGames; Becker and all people I forgot :)

Monday, December 13th, 1999

Torment section at BGChronicles.

by Calis - 12/13/99 14:07 EST

Check it out.

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New Section

by Kraal - 12/13/99 11:37 EST

I've added a new section to our site, called Hints & Tips, located under the Armory section. This where you'd find stuff that would normally be too short to be included in a walkthrough, or just some quickie tips to get you unstuck. I also included How to do a Full Install tip in there.

Sunday, December 12th, 1999

Character Creation Hints

by Seamus - 12/12/99 17:46 EST

We've put up some hints to help you create your character at the start. It's the first of a big series of guides that will appear on the Pit.

Saturday, December 11th, 1999

Weirdness incarnate!

by Calis - 12/11/99 15:10 EST

I got a really weird e-mail from a guy called Fish. Hoping it was fiction, I put it in the plays section of the civic festhall.

Check it out.

We need your help!

by Seamus - 12/11/99 12:17 EST

Now the game is out, we'll have to make walkthroughs. Because the game is so big, we can't make them all without your help.

So we ask you to send your walkthroughs, hints, combat strategies or whatever useful information you have found out to us.

If we like it, we'll post it (and give you full credit of course).


Unofficial FAQ

by Calis - 12/11/99 09:16 EST

Hey people, I've got a first version of my FAQ up. Click the link below...
In other news, I've archived the news page. Much faster now.

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