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Misc. Items

A Clue!
Weight: 0

This cryptic piece of parchment simply states:

"You now have a better understanding of what is going on..."
A Goody!
Weight: 0

It looks like a small stone rod of some sort. Interesting, but useless.
A Magic Item!
Weight: 0

It's something, by Baator be damned if you can figure out what. It does radiate magic however.
Bag of Coins
Weight: 0

A small bag filled with some strange coins. The coins have unusual pictures and writing on them. They don't appear to be of any value.
Bloody Handkerchief
Weight: 0

This silk handkerchief has some of Kesai-Serris' blood on it.
Bone-Framed Journal
Weight: 2

This appears to be some sort of journal. Sheets of dried human skin have been stretched across a framework of bone, and strangely enough, it appears the sheets of skin have healed together at the seams, forming the spine of a makeshift book. It looks like the outer sheets of skin form a cover for a series of other skin sheets locked inside the bone frame.

A series of symbols have been written in blood across the exterior of the sheets of skin, but you can't make them out; they appear to be some form of writing, but they seem to be written upside down, right to left, and at odd angles that make your eyes hurt.

Despite the crudity of the writing, you have to admit the design of the bone frame is actually quite intricate; the bones have been carved so that they snap neatly together. It looks like the bones can be unhooked from each other, allowing the book to be opened and read.
Bronze Sphere
Weight: 5

This simple bronze sphere is about a foot across, but it is surprisingly light, as if hollow inside.

Although its basic appearance is normal enough, this sphere somehow manages to offend the rest of your senses. The texture of the sphere, just the 'feel' of it gives you the impression it's an egg that just about to burst open -- just touching it makes your skin crawl. To make matters worse, the faint smell of rotten custard emanates from it, and it makes your eyes water.
Weight: 0

An ordinary piece of chalk.
Chocolate Quasit
Weight: 1

This is a twisted little imp-liek creature - a quasit, a sort of fiendish familiar - that has been polymorphed by a powerful magic into sweet, milk chocolate. Imported from the Lower Planes, they are quite prized by lovers of chocolate and confections.
Cleaning Rags
Weight: 1

This damp mass of rags look like it's been used to mop up blood and other less savory bodily fluids.
Weight: 3

This is a polished cobblestone that was lodged in the zombie's skull. It still has traces of brain matter dripping from it.
Codex of the Inconceivable
Weight: 3

What you had first taken to be a rather unassuming book held closed by a tiny brass lock is, in actuality, bound in strange leathers and enchanted bronze. It is labeled simply: 'The Codex of the Inconceivable.'
Cranium Rat Tail
Weight: 0

This is a tail from a cranium rat.
Crumplepunch's Legacy
Weight: 0

This legacy is inscribed on a wadded-up piece of old vellum, creased and soot-covered. It has obviously been much pored over by someone with very dirty hands. It belongs to Crumplepunch the smith, and from what you can decipher, it appears that his father was both uneducated adn sloppy in his handwriting. The little you can make out appears to order the division of the smithy and the distillery between the two brothers, but does not provide detail as to how the division is to be accomplished.
Weight: 2

This is an ordinary-looking, stoppered flask that somehow holds an endless supply of water. It might be useful for putting out fires of some such task.
Deionarra's Legacy
Weight: 0

My Love,

If you are reading this, then the tragedy I have Seen has come to pass. I have died, and you have remained to suffer the loss.

Know this, my Love... I know why you were forced to shield your feelings from me. You sought to protect me from the terrible burden you carry with you. The distance you kepy between us was your way of protecting me, and the brief moments when we were alone and you let your feelings be known, *that* was when I knew you cared for me. Carry no regrets with you, carry no guilt, for I came with you on your haunted journey of my own accord, and no matter how death came for me, I know that you did everything in your power to save me.

Our lives are intertwined my Love, and death shall not be a wall between us.

For my Sight has seen what is to come, only in staccato segments, but it is enough for me to know that we will be seperated for a time, but we shall be reconciled again. Thus, do not see my death as a farewell, but only as an interval before we meet again. Carry my ring with you, and these other pieces of me, and think of me. Keep me in your mind and heart, and that will be the beacon that brings us together.

Deva's Tears
Weight: 1

This is a small glass phial labeled as 'Deva's Tears.' They were collected from a deva who was captured during a Blood War skirmish. The fiends tormented the imprisoned angel for eons before he at last escaped - this small bottle holds the twelve tears he shed in that time. Deva's tears are said to soothe the most savage anger... even that of a fiend's tongue.
Weight: 2

This heavy dodecahedron - about the size of both your fists balled together - seems inexplicably familiar to you. It texture is cold and smooth, but whether it's metal or stone, you cannot tell. A certain, almost intangible 'tension' runs over the object as if it were ready to spring into the air at any moment.
Keys To Dolora's Heart
Weight: 0

This pair of keys is attached to a key-chain from which a heart-shaped charm dangles. The surface of the heart is incribed with hundreds of tiny numbers and the word 'DOLORA.'
Dustman Costume
Weight: 5

This is a well-crafted replica of the dull black robes commonly worn by members of the Dustmen faction. Unlike a true Dustman's robes, however, it is made of fine materials and lined with silken padding.
Dustman Request
Weight: 0

A note written on a scrap of dry parchment:

"Contact the necromancer responsible for Raising contractual worker 42. I know he's examined the skeleton before, but I am certain the initial Raising of the body was warped. The worker still responds to commands, but when it has completed a task, it resumes pacing in the same circular pattern as it did before.

"Dhall recently informed me that worker 42 exhibited that same walking pattern when it was a zombie decades ago. There may be a soul echo in the marrow or the skeleton's age may have caused the magic animating him to decay. One of the Initiates suggested it may be following an order issued by a higher-ranking Dustman in the past, but I have found no records of such an order.

"Whatever the reason for its behavior, the matter is to be resolved of the worker replaced."
Dustman Robes
Special: Disguises user as a Dustman
Weight: 5
Usable only in the Mortuary

These frayed robes are commonly worn by members of the Dustmen faction. They have an old, musty smell about them, and they don't fit you very well. You doubt the Dustmen disguise will hold up under scrutiny -- and certainly not if the Dustmen are looking for an intruder.
Elixir of Horrific Separation
Weight: 1

This vial of Elixir of Horrific Separation was compounded by a scholar who'd found she possesed a darker half - a side of her which took control, at times, and bade her do awful things. This potion was to have 'split' the darker half away from her, creating two separate beings. Mercykillers, however, found and executed her for a string of depraved murders before she could use it.

Unless the imbiber is actually more than one being existing within a single body - possessed by a fiend, for instance - the elixir will have no effect.
Embalming Room Key
Weight: 0

This long, thin key has a spiral head and smells faintly of embalming fluid. It looks extremely old, and numerous scratches cover its surface.
Fall-From-Grace's Diary
Weight: 1

This book looks like it is made from paper-thin silver sheets. The engraving of a woman is on the cover of the text, and there is a small lock on the side of the book. No matter how you try, the lock resists your attempts to open it.
Festhall Room Key
Weight: 0

This is the key to a room within the Civic Festhall.
Fiend's Tongue
Weight: 2

This is a fiend's silvery tongue floating in a jar of brine. It's said that, once placed into the mouth of any living thing, it will give the ability of speech, even if there was none before.
Finam's Book
Weight: 1

This is the research journal of a linguist named Finam.
Fin Andlye's Notes
Weight: 1

These are the notes of the deceased linguist Fin Andlye. They are composed of his research into the language of the Uyo.
Finger Bone Key
Weight: 0

This key is fashioned from a human finger, cunningly fitted with grooves, flanges, and rings. The lock that would take this key would be complicated indeed.
Forge Hammer
Weight: 4

A hammer used to beat heated iron ore into shape. It's very heavy.
Frost-Ale Mug
Weight: 2

This large, pewter ale stein is of unusual manufacture, its surface etched with stange runes. It keeps its contents icy cold, whatever the surrounding temperature.
Godsman Receipt
Weight: 0

A receipt stamped with the symbol of the Godsmen. Probably redeemable at the Great Foundry.
Gold Ingot
Weight: 15

This is a gold ingot. It weighs a ton, but if it's worth its weight in gold...
Gordian Knot
(Unique, Artifact)
.....Permanent +2 to Charisma
.....Permanent -1 to Wisdom
Weight: 0
Usable only by Fighters

The knot binding the two ends of this rope together holds a powerful magic. When this knot is severed by a fighter with an edged weapon, the warrior gains a rush of confidence and arrogance, reducing their Wisdom but raising their Charisma. The user is also beset with the urge to gather an army and rush out and conquer the Planes, but this urge does not rule the user's action.

It is said that this is a knotted piece of rope that was cut in two by a conqueror on a distant prime material world. Every time the knot is severed, it disappears, showing up years later in the hands of another who can make use of its power.
Gorgon Salve
Weight: 1

A small bottle labeled as 'Gorgon Salve.' Smeared onto the surface of any being turned to stone, it will revert them to flesh.
Weight: 0

this is an unremarkable silk handkerchief.
Weight: 2

This ropy mass of bloody intestines appears to be yours. You have to admit it makes you uncomfortable to see them outside of your body.
Iron Ore
Weight: 5

A lump of iron ore.
Weight: 1

This is a collection of junk... small springs, broken bolts, and a cracked gear or two. It looks like someone felt these pieces might be useful one day, but they seem pretty useless to you.
Kesseg, Cerebral Parasite
.....+3 to Intelligence
.....+1 to Wisdom
.....Immunity to Panic
Weight: 1

The *kasseg* are a species of mental parasite feeds on the nervous energy of sentient creatures. Believed to be a deviant branch of the dreaded intellect devourers, the kasseg is different in that it soothes the mind and bolster its host's higher mental processes, taking over certain mundane thinking tasks in exchange for feeding on his nervous energy for a time.

To "use" the *kasseg*, the user simply attaches it to his bare skin. The *kasseg* then excretes a mucus-like resin that acts as a means of communication between the victim in itself. Once "attached," the *kesseg* lifespan drops to only a few hours.
Kester's Legacy
Weight: 0

This legacy is inscribed on a carefully-folded piece of well-tended, old vellum. It belongs to Kester the distiller, and from what you can decipher, it appears that his father was both uneducated and sloppy in his handwriting. The little you can make out appears to suggest that the two brothers devote themselves to increasing their wealth by building teh businesses... and here the ink smudges into unreadability. The rest of the document does not provide detail as to how the division is to be accomplished.
Lady Of Pain Rag Doll
Weight: 1

The years haven'y been kind to this tiny rag doll; it is coming apart at the seams, and it looks like its threads are unraveling. It is obviously intended to be a replica of the Lady of Pain, but the button eyes and its plush softness don't strike much fear into your heart.
Leather Apron
Weight: 5

This looks to be a heavy apron made from hide of some creature. Aprons such as these are used to protect workers clothes from the heat of the forge.
Leather Strap
Weight: 1

This is a leather strap used to bind the skeleton worker's bones together. Although the strap is frayed along the edges, it still looks pretty strong.
Love Letter
Weight: 0

This is a passionate, steamy, and rather graphic love letter. Who it's to and whom it's from, however, are quite vague.
Modron Cube
Weight: 1

This small metal toy is a replica of a cube-like mechanical creature with huge eyes on one of its faces. The toy has two legs, two arms, two folding wings, and at least eighteen points of articulation. Maybe it's a collector's item.

The intricacy of this toy is incredible; its joints are composed of tiny gears, cogs, pulleys, and swivel joints, and there are even tiny springs on the legs that help support the feet. There is a little switch on the back that moves the eyes back and forth, and the wings are made of some tissue-like metal that folds up neatly when the wings are flush with the body. Despite the toy's awkward shape, it rests easily on any surface, no matter how uneven.
Monster Jug
Weight: 4

This is a heavy, plain-looking, metallic jug with a hinged stopper. Despite its common appearance, you feel reluctant to touch the thing, as if it might bite you. You've been told there's some sort of monster trapped inside of it - but peering into the jug's mouth reveals nothing but inky blackness.
Moridor's Ruby
Weight: 0

This is a fairly large ruby recovered from Moridor's Box. Gems of this quality are valued by practitioners of the 'art' as a component for various spells.
Mortuary Front Gate Key
Weight: 0

This is a large, unimaginative iron key. For some reason, its somber appearance reminds you of the Mortuary.
Mortuary Reminder Message
Weight: 0

This rolled up piece of parchment appears to be some sort of message the skeleton in the Mortuary was supposed to deliver:

"This is the third and *last* request for the prybar; if it has been misplaced, *tell* me and I shall go to the Hive market and purchase another. I have no objection to maintaining the Contracted workers, but I've been trying to repair the skeletons, and the bolts are wedged in so tight I can't get them out.

"Also, some of the locks on the storage cabinets on the third floor have become stuck again due to the heat, and I need the prybar to snap the open as well. If the prybar is indeed lost, I will see about procuring the services of a locksmith and having the cabinet locks replaced.

"Your aid in this matter would be appreciated,

An unreadable signature has been scrawled beneath the message.
Mortuary Sanctum Key
Weight: 1

This heavy key is a strange fusion of bone and an unidentifiable blood-red metal. Its jagged C-shaped head looks like its ready to clamp down on whoever holds it. This key is used to open the inner gates to the Mortuary.
Mortuary Task List
Weight: 0

Someone has penned a series of tasks in red ink on this scrap of parchment:

- I would like the Contracted Workers to be inspected thrice-daily, at the end of each work shift when the new Initiates come on duty. We have experienced too many Contracted collapses while engaged in heavy labor as of late, and I fear the embalming enchantments initially used on the corpses may be decaying or may have been warped somehow.

- If the Contracted workers could be inspected every eight hours and Raised if they have collapsed, then this would prevent the backlog of shells in the Preperation Rooms and free up more Contracted workers for other duties.

- I do not wish collapsed bodies to be disposed of; when possible, the original Contraced shells are to be Raised and be made to resume their duties.

- I have included spare embalming charms within the shelves for the Initiates on duty. They are to be used only when the shells cannot be repaired with stitching, bandaging, or applications of embalming fluid.
Negative Token
Special: Ward against Shadows
Special: Holds Shadow Creatures Temporarily
Weight: 0

This is a "negative token": a flat, black disk that appears to have no substance to it at all. Turning it over reveals that it has no third dimension - there is no thickness to this item at all. It gives you some command over creatures of shadow - you can command them to stand still for a few precious seconds. The more powerful the shadow, the less likely it will obey your command.

As an added benefit, as long as the token is carried by *any* of your party members, it acts as a ward against shadows. It will not prevent shadows from attacking your group, but the shadows will find it more difficult to harm you while the Token is carried.
Nordom's Crossbows
Damage: Varies According to Ammo
Enchanted: +1
THAC0: +1
Speed: 10
Weight: 7
Proficiency: Missiles
Usable only by Nordom

Nordom's home plane of Mechanus is driven by great clockwork gears. Tending these gears and making sure they run smoothly are given to creatures called "gear spirits." These gear spirits have the ability to turn themselves into almost any tool or common mechanical device... even crossbows. Nordom's two crossbows are actually two gear spirits, and they seem to have willingly fled with him from Mechanus.

Their duties are so essential to the smooth functioning of Mechanus that the modrons have officially assigned these spirits to the various gears. While the gear spirits love the gears they tend so much, their servitude to the modrons rankles them, making them somewhat disgruntled. As a result, there are tales of gear spirits that leave the great gears of Mechanus, leaving their duties for a while to sample the Planes beyond their own. Most likely, Nordom's two crossbows caught this wanderlust, and they now piggyback along with him, peppering any hostile creature they see with crossbow bolts. The gear spirits can make endless supplies of these bolts, so there is never any need for Nordom to reload unless he wishes to fire new crossbow bolts.

The crossbows occasionally make small clicking and rattling noises. They seem to be talking to each other, but their conversation is indecipherable. They're most likely discussing the finer points of crossbow mechanics.
Note From Corpse #1201
Weight: 0

This is a foul-smelling note retrieved from the mouth of one of the Mortuary zombies; it looks like it was sewn into the corpse's mouth by accident. Despite its condition, the writing is legible:

"Please, to whatever Dustman reads this; I beg of you. I know of my legal obligation under the terms of the Dead Contract, but I am prepared to offer *more* than my signing fee if you will cremate my body rather than Raising it. I have arranged for this note to be left with my body upon death. If you are reading this, then please use this note as instructed and accept the result in exchange for my Contracted duty. Let my Contract number serve as the key."

It looks like the corpse was too late to prevent the Raising... but you notice that beneath the writing is a diagram. It looks like directions for folding the parchment into a strange pattern.
Ornate Box
Weight: 2

This appears to be a small wooden box. Intricate designs etched in gold adorn the box. At one time this box would have been worthy enough to be displayed at any aristocrat's estate. However, years of neglect have taken their toll and it appears to be falling apart. If not for the large ruby mounted to the front of the box, it would be worthless.

Feelings of dread seem to emanate from the box.
Penn's Note
Weight: 0

This note has been written with remarkable penmanship upon the finest parchment:


If you are reading this, then you have undoubtedly failed in your task and have been forced to use the escape route I arranged. I told you that your little disguise idea was ridiculous. In any case, you'll need to lay low for a while. The Dustmen may be deluded, but they are not fools, and they will cerainly seek retribution for our intrusion. I've left you some coins. Use them to secure a hiding place in the Hive, preferable in Ragpicker's Square. The Dustmen will be unwilling to look for you there.

Once you have secured a new hiding place, I have a new mission for you: find out where Pharod is getting those bodies he's delivering to the Mortuary. It's apparently causing the Dustman a great deal of upset, and I wouldn't mind knowing myself. Reports are that that stone-faced Dustman at the Gathering Dust Bar -- Initiate Emoric, I think the fool's name is -- has been sending out finders to try and mark Pharod's movements. See if you can find out how far along he is and hinder his efforts until we know more about Pharod's activities. I don't want Emoric finding out something before we do.

- Penn
Pet Lim-Lim
Weight: 5

This is your pet Lim-Lim.
Poison Cheese
Weight: 0

This cheese has been laced with a powerful poison.
Portal Lens
Weight: 0

This magical device can form a gateway to other locations by temporarily attaching itself to known, existing portals. This allows the user access to the portal without traveling to it.
Weight: 0

A small bag made of some unidentifiable material.
Prayer Beads
Weight: 1

This is a necklace of red and black prayer beads. A web of black lines swirls around the edges of the prayer beads as you hold them, moving in some strange pattern you cannont decipher.
Preparation Room Key
Weight: 0

The head of this bronze key has been twisted around itself several times, so that it resembles a screw. If Morte is to be believed, it unlocks one of the doors in the Preperation Room.
Promissory Note
Weight: 0

This is a promissory note in the amount of one thousand copper commons that the possessor can collect upon from the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts. Ecco gave it to you in order to purchase the Deva's Tears with; it's doubtful you could do anything else with it.
Ragged Note From Pharod
Weight: 0

This is the tattered note you recieved from Pharod. It reads as follows:

- Beware SHADows
- Beware places where the night LIVEs.
- They wait
- There is no Natural Darknesss
- Only ShaDOWS
Weight: 1

This thick mass of rags look as if they were torn from a tapestry or someone's robes.
Ravel's Gray Hair
Weight: 0

This is one of Ravel's long gray hairs; it's so old, it looks like her normally gray hair is turning an even whiter shade of gray. It must be a few feet long - and it looks pretty tough, to boot.
Receiving Log Page
Weight: 0

This ragged page looks like it was cut neatly out of a book. It is written in a tight, crabbed script:

16537, 5th Night: Drunk -- Chest Wound -- Cause of Death: Mauling/Abishai? -- Collector: Pox -- 3 Commons Paid -- No possessions

16538: 5th Night: Desiccated Corpse -- Cause of Death: Indeterminable - Age of Shell prevents identification* -- Collector: Pharod -- 3 Commons Paid -- No possessions (Stripped? Knife marks evident from dissection.)

16539: 5th Night: Scarred Shell -- Cause of Death: Indeterminable (scars do not appear to be cause of death - shock trauma?) -- Collector: Pharod -- 3 Commons Paid -- Possessions Logged: - Fist Irons - Thirteen Commons - Middle Table, Receiving Room.

16540: 5th Night: Desiccated Corpse #2 -- Cause of Death: Indeterminable - Age of Shell prevents identification* -- Collector: Pharod -- 3 Commons Paid -- Possessions Logged: Knife marks evident from dissection, but the dissection was not thorough enought - Copper earring found lodged in abdomen; earring has been locked in Southeast Preperation Room. Have an Initiate from the Third Circle examine it; it has strange markings, like those on Contracted Worker #79.

16541: 5th Night: Skeleton -- Cause of Death: Indeterminable - Age of Shell prevents idendification* -- Collector: Pharod -- 3 Commons Paid -- No possessions (Stripped? Knife marks evident from dissection.)

* As with the previous entries, these shells Pharod has brought also shows signs of having been prepared. I have asked that Initiate Emoric launch an investigation into the matter. Furthermore, Entry 16542 is one of Pharod's gang. I have seen the individual before - I would as Emoric to pay heed to how the man died.

16542: 5th Night: Tiefling, Male -- Cause of Death: Slash marks/discoloration of wounds are consistent with grave rot (ghoul claws?) -- Collector: Pharod -- 3 Commons Paid -- No possessions (Stripped? Knife marks evident from dissection.)
Receiving Room Log Book
Weight: 2

This huge book lists Mortuary procedures in a tight, crabbed script:

- All shells entering the Mortuary are to be delivered to the Receiving Room and logged with the scribe on duty before being embalmed or cremated.

- The records are to be checked to determine if the shell is one of the Contracted, and if so, do not prepare the shell. Move the shell to one of the Preparation Rooms, contact the scribe on duty, and notify him that a Contracted shell is to be Raised.

- Be certain that a shell is thoroughly stripped of its possessions before being sent to the Preparation Rooms. The Contracted workers are intended for simple manual labor and do not have the capacity to search and strip a shell.

- The faction is not responsible for any possessions lost or items stolen by Collectors who have brought the shells to teh Mortuary.

- The shell's possessions are to be stored in the Receiving Room until an Initiate can be sent to claim them. Please catalogue all possessions in the log book.

Following this list is thousands of entries of bodies that have been sent to the Receiving Room. As you flip through the rest of the book, however, you notice the last page has been cut out.
Reminder Note
Weight: 0


For the love of whatever powers you hold dear, don't make the same mistake thrice. You're not trying to open the door to the Inner Sanctum, so DO NOT step on the trigger plate. The first time you made that mistake, it cost you your foot. The second time, it was most of your leg. I shudder to think what atrocities you might inflict on yourself should you step on it a third time. Destroy this note when you've finally gotten this message through that blockade of stone you call a skull."
Scented Veil
Weight: 0

This is a beautiful perfumed, crimson veil. Whatever textile it's made of is so light and gauzy that it's like a sheaf of pure, brilliant color, rather than an object of dyed cloth. More remarkable than the viel's appearance, though is its scent - doubtlessly one of the most intensely erotic and arousing aromas you have ever had the pleasure of inhaling.
Scroll of Agril-Shanak
Weight: 1

This scroll is covered with gold leaf and scrawled upon with an ink that looks suspiciously like dried blood. The writing is irregular and chaotic, without any pattern that you can discern, and the feeling that rises from it is of incredible malevolence.
Scroll of Evidence
Weight: 0

This is a scroll listing the criminal activities of Byron Pikit.
Skin of Regrets
Weight: 1

This is a scrap of your flesh with a regret inscribed upon it. It is a small, tattered thing, but just looking at it makes you feel uncomfortable. It has a strange weight about it and feels heavier than it should.
Weight: 2

This is a generic human skill. It is not as talkative as Morte, but perhaps that's just as well.
Soego's Skull
Weight: 2

This skull used to be attached to Soego's body before his unfortunate... "accident."
Sounding Stone
Weight: 2

This dark stone is covered in dust, as if it has been sitting here for years - it looks like a piece of one of the statues that was chipped away. A tracery of strange runes and markings cover the stone's surface.

It feels strangely familiar somehow.
Steel Box
Weight: 10

This sturdy steel box has a think leather handle on the top, but there's no apparent way to open the thing - it appears to be welded shut. There are a number of very narrow slits along one side, though you can't quite see into the box through them. A sickly-sweet, rotting smell wafts out from the slits.
Stone Gullet Of L'Phahl The Gross
(Unique, Artifact)
.....Permanent +1 Save vs. Poison
.....Permanent +1% Resistance to Acid
Weight: 3

The Gurgling Stone Gullet of L'Phahl the Gross is not as well known as most arifacts tend to be; no wars have been waged over it, no betrayals, no epic journeys into the underworld... only a few moralizing sorcerers, a fat man, and his stomach.

As the "legend" goes, L'Phahl the Gross was said to have been a promising practitioner of the Art, a sorcerer's apprentice to one of the Last Seers of Es-Annon. Despite his skill at the Art, however, his gluttony was the subject of much ridicule among his peers.

During the last great Massing of Es-Annon, L'Phahl was invited to dine at the center table, but unknown to him, his peers had filled his wine goblet with an elixir of turning flesh to stone to teach the rotund student a "lesson."

L'Phahl consumed such great amounts of food and drink during the Mass, however, that it diluted the potion's effects. Compaining of a stomach ache hours after the feast, the local healers discovered that L'Phahl's stomach had turned to stone, yet was still capable of digesting food. L'Phahl lived the rest of his days happily eating, though his gullet was a few pounds heavier than before.

When he finally died, his stomach was removed as an oddity... and since then, it has 'wandered' the Planes in search of new stomachs.

To use the artifact, one must consume it (it has the consistency of stale bread)... so doing will turn the eater's stomach into the stone gullet. Devouring the stone gullet of L'Phahl will grant the user the blessing of stone and rock and slight resistance to (stomach) acid.
Strahan's Diary
Weight: 1

This leather-bound tome is cracked and worn with age. Some sort of crest has been burned into the cover. You can make out a series of interlocking triangles centered about the initials SR. The writing upon its pages has faded considerably, but the last few entries seem to have been penned recently.

Day 2 of the 127th Year of Factol Hashkar's reign:

At last, I have found it! The missing page of the Ap'Tarj Grimoire is now in my possession. As I had guessed, the page detailed the necessary components for the casting of the final transformation spell. I have all but one of the components. A drop of an immortal's blood is all that stands between me and the eternal power of lichdom. But where can I find such a rarity? Perhaps I should seek the answer through divination.

Day 14 of the 127th Year of Factol Hashkar's reign:

After days of taxing divination spells, I finally have my answers. The divination revealed the location of an immortal to be somewhere within an ancient Mausoleum located in the Hive section of Sigil. I must make haste. I must find this creature and draw its blood before it moves on.

Day 15 of the 127th Year of Factol Hashkar's reign:

I have arrived at the Mausoleum. Immediately, I was set upon by a shade that guards the remains of those interred within this place. I managed to elude the spirit and found my way into what appears to have been some sort of inner sanctum. Protected by some minor wards to prevent any further unterruptions by that supernatural twit, I have set about raising some of the locals to conduct a search for the immortal. If the divination was accurate and the immortal is here, then likely it is interred within one of the many crypts that line these halls. It is only a matter of time now.

Day 17 of the 127th Year of Factol Hashkar's reign:

I am not alone. Someone has entered the Mausoleum and is interfering with my servants. Could this be the one I seek? The divination revealed only that I would find the immortal here. Could it be that MY presence in this place has prompted that which I seek to seek ME out? What a delightful twist, I shall have to

The ink of this last entry is still wet.
Strip of Skin
Weight: 0
Usable only by Nameless One

This scrap of skin has been peeled from the back of your left forearm. Its scarred, gray surface reminds you of a zombie's hide; it feels more like a piece of cured leather than a strip of skin.
Suspicious Sealed Scroll
Weight: 1

This scroll has been tightly bound with red ribbon and sealed with wax. You can't put your finger onit, but you've got a bad feeling about the thing - as if opening and reading the scroll could be somehow dangerous.
The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon
Weight: 2
Usable only by Dak'kon

This small round stone is the "Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon." The Unbroken Circle is a *zerth* religious text, containing teaching of Zerthimon, the founder of the githzerai people. The Circle is made up of a series of interlocking circles that fold out from one another, depending on which branch the reader wishes to follow in the path of teachings... it is said that some zerths spend years poring over the combinations of the plates, looking for new signifigance in the teachings.

Dak'kon seems to use the text as a means of focusing his spell casting abilities, for he pores over the tablet occasionally, memorizing the words.
Tome of Bone and Ash
Weight: 5

This worn, leather-bound tome lists diagrams and charts detailing several minor wards and enchantments. There are numerous drawings of skeletons, bones, and the manner by which they may be preserved over time.

Of particular interest is the section regarding "guardians." Apparently, the Dustmen animate corpses of fallen giants to serve as guardians for the Mortuary. To make them even deadlier, armoring enchantments are woven into their breastplates to help shield them from attacks.

The book is much too complex for you to absorb all at once, but it looks as if you could refer to certain sections when the need arises.
Weight: 5

Soot-covered tongs used to hold iron ore in the heat of a foundry fire.
Wererat Skull
Weight: 2

This is a wererat skull. Man, are they ugly critters.


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