Interview One:



Becker:  Good afternoon, and welcome to the Becker Interviews.  My name is Derek Becker and I'll be your host. Our guest is Annah.  Hello Annah!

Annah: Hi Becker, it's a pleasure to be here.

Becker: So how is the project going?

Annah: Well we're still shooting some scenes.  I'm in the alpha demo though, which I'm very happy about, and my voice is done.

Becker: Fantastic!  Now why don't you tell our audience about who is doing your voice?

Annah: Sheana Easton!  It was very exciting working with her.  I loved her music growing up and it was a bit of a relief given the other candidates.  Joan Jett was still touring and that only left Cindi Lauper, and frankly I wasn't looking forward to sounding like someone from Bronx, New York.  Sheana was very open to my creative input, and she gave me some very valuable advice as an entertainer.

Becker: Such as?

Annah: Well, mostly we talked about wardrobe.  Sheana used to work with Prince, after all, and she didn't wear very much at the start of her career either.

Becker: Yes, about your clothes, there's ... um ... not very much of them.  Do you feel that it's compromised you as an actress?

Annah: I was concerned at first.  Frankly the looks some of the guys were giving me was a little unnerving.  But Sheana and Interplay's Krys Card helped me through the first awkward stages.  Finally Guido Henkel sat down and we had a long talk about how my character was an acrobat and that the revealing outfit was for purely artistic reasons.

Becker: But you are wearing a spiked shoulder pad, why?

Annah: Oh, we had to put that in at the last minute.  I have a tattoo there and we needed to cover it up.  It's of a smurf.  Do you like it?

Becker:  Very nice.  You mentioned Krys and Guido.  You've worked with them before?

Annah:  Yes, in Fallout 2.

Becker: What did you do in that?

Annah:  I played another love interest, Angela Bishop.  That was a smaller part, of course.  I wasn't an NPC follower then.  It was more difficult in some ways though.  There were a few ... scenes ... that I had to do with the main character.  That was really hard for me, since I was worried that I'd be typecast and only be able to get work as a courtesan in Baldur's Gate.  But it was very tastefully done, and it helped me get to know the staff.

Becker: So how is working on the two projects different?

Annah: Well, I'm much more detailed with the Infinity engine.  I also have more animation's -- I can fidget when I get bored now!  Believe me that's a huge relief.  It's very difficult to just stand there while the main character gets his nerve up to talk to you.  I also have lots of close-ups.  I'm hoping to be in one of the full motion video sequences, but I'm probably just getting my hopes up.

Becker: Do you have any role models?

Annah: Yes, Lara Croft.  I've admired her career ever since she played "damsel in distress" in the original Donkey Kong.  She's very talented and really opened a lot of doors for computerized actresses everywhere.  I know she's often attacked by feminists, but you should have seen the job market before she opened it for us.  Sure, there was the occasional part in a King's Quest spin-off, but that was it.  I actually asked to have a pair of pistols like she has, but they couldn't do that because of the setting.  They gave me that dagger thing instead.

Becker: How was working with the rest of the cast?

Annah: Well, Floyd -- I'm sorry I can't use his name yet can I? -- The Nameless One,  is a terrific actor.  You wouldn't know it, since he's spent most of his career playing zombies, but he really is very good.  And "Fall-from-Grace" is a dream.

Becker: She plays your rival correct?

Annah: Well, on stage we're rivals.  But once shooting is over and we can go, Grace and I are inseparable.  We go shopping, and we just did a 5K charity race together.  Also, we girls do have to stick together.  I mean sometimes when the Interplay staff have been having a little too much to drink at happy hour, it can get a little scary.  

Becker: About that, is it true what we've heard about you and Colin McComb?

Annah: That whole incident was blown way out of proportion in the tabloids.  Colin asked me out, that's all.  There's no lurid "love tryst", as the National Enquirer called it.

Becker: Well, it wasn't a date, he was asking you to spend the weekend with him in Cancun.

Annah: I'm afraid I can't comment on that.

Becker: I understand.  Well, that does appear to be all the time we have.  Annah, thanks again for joining us.

Annah:  It was a pleasure.

Becker: Stay tuned, next time we'll be interviewing Morte.  He's not just another talking head!



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