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She's going to rule your world, sort of like your girlfriend

She's going to rule your world

not like your girlfriend doesn't do that already...

PlaneScape: Torment is computer game.  It's not bad.


It's being made by the cool guys and gals at Black Isle Studios.  Another company called Interplay is giving them tons and tons of money to make it, but Black Island would make it anyway.  They're the kind of fruitcakes that would live in a cardboard box if it meant they got to work on games all day.  It goes without saying that all these people live in California.

Who am I? I'm Becker. I have no life and play these addictive games until 4am.

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Becker Interviews the cast of Planescape
Interview One: Annah
Interview Two: Morte
Interview Three: Vhailor
Interview Four: Nordom
Interview Five: Fall From Grace
Interview Six: Dakkon
Interview Seven: Trevor the Guard
Interview Eight: Supermodel Gwendolyn the Zombie
Interview Nine: Some Fire Guy
Interview Ten: Jean-Paul
Interview Eleven: Pharod Wormhair
Interview Twleve: Ravel Puzzlewell
Interview Thriteen: Floyd! (almost)
Interview Fourteen: Floyd! (for real)
Quiz for Black Isle (September '99)
Adam Heine: Man Among Men
Dreaming of a Torment Christmas

What do you think of my entry for the Torment webring image gif? It took me a really long time to make.
IGN didn't seem to care for it too much though. I wonder why?

Pretty cool, huh?
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