Interview Six Dak'kon


Interview Six:


Becker: Hi everybody! This is the Torment Interviews; I’m your host, Becker. Here with me today is Dak’kon.

Dak’kon: Dude, just call me Dak. This is, like, a formality-free zone, y’know?

Becker: Sure thing, Dak. So what’s it like working on Torment?

Dak: Totally killer. Bueno maximo, y’know?

Becker: Uh, sure. I don’t suppose you could go on a little more?

Dak: No problemo! So the way I see it, Torment is one big allegory, y’know? Like, as if you’re this guy, see? And you’re trying to get your memories back.

Becker: That’s not an allegory Dak, that’s what the game is actually about.

Dak: Oh.

Becker: Why don’t we talk more about you. So you’re a Githzerai, what’s that like?

Dak: Way cool.

Becker: I see. Just to elaborate for the folks at home, I understand your race is blessed with exotic mental powers that transcend the comparatively feeble abilities of normal humans. What psionic feats are you capable of?

Dak: Well, we can drive a stick shift.

Becker: Not bad.

Dak: Yeah, it’s nice racial ability since we like to travel and all, y’know?

Becker: Yes, I had heard of your abilities to travel to exotic places throughout the multiverse. Where have you been?

Dak: The astral plane is kind of cool. Then there’s always Sigil. Awesome city! Great clubs.

Becker: So your race can be found there?

Dak: No way. Usually we follow the Grateful Dead around. Or Phish. Phish are pretty cool too.

Becker: I should have guessed.

Dak: Yeah. Things are getting kind of wild with the Githzari right now too!

Becker: Why is that?

Dak: It’s our new leader. He just started up this week and he has some major plans for us.

Becker: Oh no, not-

Dak: Yep. Guido Henkel.

Becker: I thought he left Black Isle to spend more time with his family.

Dak: We are his family, dude!

Becker: Well, I’ll admit there is a resemblance. So Guido’s going to lead the Githzerai across the multiverse following the Grateful Dead? Peachy.

Dak: No way! Guido says we can aspire to a higher level, y’know?

Becker: Thank God.

Dak: We’ll be following Ani DiFranco.

Becker: I see. Well, it seems we’re all out of time this week-

Dak: Really?

Becker: No, but I just can’t take it anymore. Stay tuned next time when we’ll have ... anyone but Dak.

Dak: Cool! Peace out!





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OK, show of hands ... who honestly knows who Ani DiFranco is? That's what I thought. Lesbian folk singer, guys.