Interview Five:

She will be mine! Oh yes, she will be mine.


Becker: Hey we have Fall-From-Grace! Wow! Oh, this is the Torment Interviews, yadda-yadda-yadda. But enough about the site, letís talk about Grace. Gee-whiz Grace, it sure is great to have you here. I can call you ďGraceĒ canít I?

Grace: Sure, I supp-

Becker: Great! I just knew we were going to get along. Oh, sure my producer had his doubts, and so did the sound-guys, and the repair crew and the cafeteria staff. But I knew we were going to connect! Thereís sort of a chemistry in the air. Can you feel the chemistry, Grace?

Grace: Actually--

Becker: I knew it! Weíre twin souls Grace! Separated by time and distance finally brought together like two giant Ö things that have been separated but now arenít. I can tell from your nervous fidgeting that you feel the same way Grace, and that warms my heart. Here, Iíve written a poem, a love poem really, and Iíd like you to hear it.

Grace: Oh God.

Becker: OK, here it goes:

G is for the Gladness she does bring
R is for her Radiance that makes my heart sing
A is for the Amore that I have for her
C is for a Cat that goes "purr"
(I had sort of a hard time with that rhyme Grace, I hope you donít mind)
E is for her Ears which are so pretty
If Grace would go out with me, that would be nifty

Grace: Please stop.

Becker: Yes! We should stop. Stop playing these games, that is! We should start our lives together right now! Oh Grace, I knew you were the one for me! Can I see you Friday?

Grace: Um, Iím washing my hair Friday.

Becker: Oh. Well, how about Saturday?

Grace: Iím conditioning my hair Saturday.

Becker: I totally understand. Sunday?

Grace: Drying my hair. Look, why donít I just call you?

Becker: Fantastic! This is a dream come true! When can I expect your call?

Grace: Oh, eventually. Hey arenít we out of time? I have to go ... somewhere. Anywhere.

Becker: Well, drat. Youíre right. Stay tuned next week when Iíll be talking to someone else, unless Iíve run off with my little love blossom here!

Grace: If Guido Henkel ever gets this, let him know he owes me for this "interview" big-time.




Copyright © 2000 Derek Becker and the Pit crew. All rights reserved.
Grace! Come back to me baby!