Interview Eight:

Supermodel Gwendolyn


Becker: Good day, and welcome to the Planescape Interviews. With us today is the very lovely supermodel, Gwendolyn.

Supermodel Gwendolyn: Hello, everyone.

Becker: So Gwendolyn, what is your role in Planescape:Torment?

Supermodel Gwendolyn: Oh I just play a background extra. Nothing special.

Becker: Now it's my understanding that you were orginally picked for Annah's role.

Supermodel Gwendolyn: That's true. I had been posing for North Shore artist Eric Campanella and he recommended me for the part.

Becker: Why did you turn down the part?

Supermodel Gwendolyn: I decided to focus on my modeling career. I was scheduled to do a runway walk in Paris and that would have conflicted with Black Isle's production schedule.

Becker: Isn't that photo that we have at the top of the page from that walk?

Supermodel Gwendolyn: Yes, it is. That rough hewn dress is a charming little number designed especially for me by Versace, and the leather arm bands and matching necklace really touch off the whole ensable though. I don't want to brag but that outfit cost around $5,000.

Becker: I would never have guessed. So tell me Gwendolyn, what is like being a zombie supermodel?

Supermodel Gwendolyn: Oh it's quite the life! I get to meet exciting people, try on the latest fashions, and travel to intresting places. London, New York, Hades, the list goes on! Plus, it's much easier as a zombie.

Becker: Why is that?

Supermodel Gwendolyn: I've noticed the other girls have to spend a lot of time and really watch thier weight. Since I'm undead that's not a concern for me.

Becker:Yes, I can see how the ability to go several centuries without eating would help.

Supermodel Gwendolyn: Well, I can't totally stop eating. There is the occasional human brain, but that's just something to tide me over between decades.

Becker: I had forgotten that you must feed on the flesh of the living. Didn't that affect your relationship with the Black Isle staff?

Supermodel Gwendolyn: No, not at all! We got along great.

Becker: So, who did they, um, you know ... use?

Supermodel Gwendolyn: Let's just say that the Black Ise internship program isn't something I'd suggest for aspiring programmers and leave it at that.

Becker: Got it. Well, I guess I have only one more question. You mentioned that you worked with Eric Campanella.

Supermodel Gwendolyn: That's right.

Becker: I've heard that some of his earlier portriats of you were rather ... revealing.

Supermodel Gwendolyn: Look, I was young and I needed the money, OK?

Becker: I completely understand. Well, that wraps it up for this week. Stay tuned!



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