Interview Ten:

Fashion Designer Jean-Paul


Becker: Bonjour, mes amies! Welcome again to the Torment interviews. With us today is Interplay's fashion designer, Jean-Paul.

Jean-Paul: Hello everybody!

Becker: So what is it like designing sytles for Planescape: Torment?

Jean-Paul: Thrilling! It's a facinating challenge and I love it! To work with a wide varitey of both people and species is every designer's dream come true.

Becker: Tell us about what you've done with the Nameless One's look.

Jean-Paul: You've seen the advance pictures of Floyd! At first he was a little dreary to work with! He said that since he was over ten thousand years old that he was beyond fashion! I just told him, "You're never too old to try a new look!" From there he was a pussycat! We tried a quite a variety of fashions on him! We started out with a tuxedo, but it was too 'James Bond'! Then we tried the 'urban warrior' look, but Squaresoft stole the design from us and used it in Final Fantasy 8! From there we tried the traditional spandex loincloth, but the project director Ken Lee said that the g-string overplayed Floyd's sexuality. Eventually we settled on the orange kilt and accessorized it with some skulls, leather, and spikes!

Becker: What made you decide on the kilt?

Jean-Paul: It gives him a lot of flexibility for when he has to fight all those nasty monsters! Also, the kilt's dress-like qualities bring out his feminine side! The kilt transforms him into a softer, gentler undead demi-god!

Becker: Were any restrictions placed on you, other than the veto of the spandex loincloth?

Jean-Paul: Why yes! After I picked out the kilt, I wanted him to wear this charming baby-doll T-shirt with a big "Hello Kitty" on it!

Becker: I've seen those in some nightclubs. I didn't know that design was yours. Very nice.

Jean-Paul: Thank you! Well, I thought it would help to appeal to female gamers, so I had him wear the shirt! You can even find him wearing it in a rare pre-alpha version! But as soon as Floyd had to rip off his own arm to use in combat, he wound up getting these icky stains all over it! So we decided that the shirt had to go, a real shame because it completely brought out his eyes!

Becker: These are the sacrifices we must sometimes make for our art. I noticed that a lot of your designs emphasize the shoulders, is there any reason for that?

Jean-Paul: I gained a lot of inspiration from watching a lot of movies from 1985! Shoulder pads were big then and I think they'll make a huge comeback next year! They emphasize the torso and draw attention away from the hips, which some of those burly Torment people need!

Becker: Yes, I suppose some of them are a little chubby. Any other stories from behind the scenes?

Jean-Paul: Well there was the one time during the waterfall dance when one of the demons couldn't fit into his sequined jumpsuit and we had to use some vasaline ... but I think they took that scene out!

Becker: Well, I'm sure we'll hear about it in one of the official updates. In any case, that's all for this week.

Jean-Paul: Bye-bye everyone!



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