Interview Four:


  Becker: Greetings! These are the Torment Interviews and I am your host, Becker. Today our guest is Nordom.

Nordom: Hi! Wow, it sure is great to be here.

Becker: Itís great to have you. Now itís my understanding that this is your first acting job?

Nordom: Thatís right. I was doing set construction, building scenery, that kind of thing. When Black Isle realize they needed an additional NPC follower, there wasnít time to put out another casting call so they just grabbed a few guys from Tales of the Sword Coast who were building the last few layers of Durlagís Tower and had us read a few lines.

Becker: And history was made!

Nordom: Well not quite. Interplay had some problems with their choice and they didnít appreciate having to hire an extra stonemason for the tower, but by that time I was already in the trailer and it was too late.

Becker: Why would Interplay object? Youíre everything they could ask for in an NPC follower: personable, loyal ... um ... square.

Nordom: Actually, it was just Adam Heine. We had collaborated in the past and the partnership didnít work out very well; he was reluctant to work with me again.

Becker: What happened?

Nordom: Well we were roommates in college and we tried to publish a book of our haiku poetry together. It was awful. It got him laughed out of the English department and it didnít exactly do me any favors on my transcript either.

Becker: You lived with Adam Heine?

Nordom: Oh yeah, he drinks milk right out the carton and puts it back in the fridge. Gross.

Becker: I see. So were the two of you able to bury the hatchet?

Nordom: It was hard at first, but then we went on one of those outdoor retreats. After some camping and whitewater rafting down the Colorado river we were really able to bond. I look at Adam in a whole new light now and Iím sure he feels the same about me.

Becker: Thatís a very touching story. So do you have any future prospects after Torment?

Nordom: Well, a company who wants to use me in a re-release of Pong has approached me. Iíd be one of the paddles. But even if that doesnít work out, Interplay has let me know that thereís always a job for me back in set construction. With Neverwinter Nights there should be a lot of work for me and my family really depends on that steady paycheck.

Becker: Thatís right I almost forgot about your family! You have kids, correct?

Nordom: Thatís right, a wife and four little dodecahedrons.

Becker: Hey, tell them everyone here at the Torment Interviews says "hello". Thatís all the time we have this week, folks. See you later!




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I LOVED the Battlestar Galactica joke! Loved it! Way to go BIS!