Interview Three:



Becker: Welcome once again to the Torment Interviews. With us this week is Vhailor, say Ďhií to the folks Vhailor!

Vhailor: Hi folks!

Becker: So tell us how you got your start.

Vhailor: Well, actually I started out in TV. I was in a few episodes of "Scooby-Doo" playing the role of a ghost. I got to chase Shaggy with an axe.

Becker: Yeah, I think I remember seeing those episodes. You were great.

Vhailor: Thanks. From there I signed on with Interplay and was in the original Battle Chess where I was one of the knights.

Becker: Wow. You really go a long way back with Interplay. Do you still keep touch with your old Battle Chess friends?

Vhailor: Oh yes! We just had a big reunion when we were all called on for a cameo performance in Tales of the Sword Coast.

Becker: In Durlagís Tower! You guys were fantastic. I suppose with all your experience you were a shoe-in for Torment.

Vhailor: Actually, no. They were seriously considering a bulletproof vest for a very long time, but he got a part in some police movie and canceled at the last minute. Then Black Isle wanted to hire a pair of combat boots, but Interplay put in a good word for me.

Becker: What else did you do for Interplay?

Vhailor: Well, my main role in Baldurís Gate was Saverok. They had to hire another guy to do the close-ups, but I did the actual moving around.

Becker: That looked like a very demanding part.

Vhailor: Oh it was! Especially when they asked me die in the end; I was leery at first, but itís dramatic challenges like that which drove me to become an actor.

Becker: So how does working on Torment compare to Bauldurís Gate?

Vhailor: I enjoy the moral center I get to bring to the story. My character has strong values, which I hope will serve as a role model for todayís youth. All I really got to do in Bauldurís Gate was attempt to drown the continent in rivers of blood, which I donít feel sends a positive message to youngsters.

Becker: I totally understand.

Vhailor: Thatís what I really like about Torment. If my character doesnít like what Floyd--

Becker: ĎThe Nameless Oneí. Weíre not allowed to use his real name yet.

Vhailor: Right, sorry. If I donít like what The Nameless One is doing, I can turn on him.

Becker: I though he was supposed to be immortal. Doesnít that make fighting him rather dangerous?

Vhailor: Oh, well I have a stuntman do all the combat shots for me.

Becker: I didnít know that. Who is he?

Vhailor: Greg Peterson.

Becker: I thought he was on Interplayís marketing staff.

Vhailor: Well, I donít want to say anything negative about the man. Heís a really great guy, and he takes a lot of hits for me, literally! But letís just say that Greg likes to tell stories sometimes.

Becker: I see. So what do you do when youíre not on the set of Torment?

Vhailor: Oh, I like to spend time with my girlfriend. We went to a Billy Idol concert just the other weekend.

Becker: How was it?

Vhailor: Oh it was great, I especially liked that one song...I canít seem to remember the name of it though.

Becker: "Eyes Without a Face"?

Vhailor: Thatís it! How did you know?

Becker: Lucky guess. Well, that wraps it up for this week. Remember to keep it here for another Torment Interview!




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