Pondering the Opening Movie III

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Posted by Quill Dragon on July 11, 2002 at 15:42:41:

6. A person whose arms are in an undead state knife fights with an unknown person, who looks like the nameless one before he becomes an undead i.e. young and beautiful. This young and beautiful person stabs (and kills?) the person in undead state.

Historical: Again I am most inclined to believe, that the undead is the nameless one, but if so who is the other person, who looks so much like the nameless one? No matter what, if this flashback is historical then it must be a newer event since the nameless one has entered the undead state.

Metaphorical: It could be a metaphor for the battle, which the nameless one has to fight against himself (his mortality) in order to at last truly die. The young healthy version of the nameless one would then represent his mortality, which over and over again has killed the nameless one hoping to make him loose his mind completely.

7. We see some winged demons probably from Baator.

Historical: This may very well be historical, since we know the nameless one has fought in the blood war. The black Abishai in the smouldering corpse bar tells us so.

Metaphorical: Metaphorical it could be either a kind of prophetical vision showing us the terrible place which the nameless one must go upon death or since Baator is one of the hells it could be a picture of how the countless lives, deaths and the inability to finally die is hell.

8. We see a person who is far down in a long shaft reach towards the light and the opening high above him. His arm is in undead state. On the edge of this opening of the shaft we see four people standing. We cannot see who they are. They are only to be seen as four silhouettes towards the sky.

Historical: If historical it must be a newer event since the nameless one's (whom I think is the one reaching up towards the light) arm is in undead state. But who should the four figures be then? That I cannot guess.

Metaphorical: If a metaphor it could be a picture of how the nameless one tries to climb out of his dark past crime (the long shaft) reaching for the light (redemption) through his own power, but finding there only more incarnations, which he will need in order to correct the wrong doings of the incarnation he lived through last time.

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