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My favorite gaming moments

an opinion by Seamus

As you all know, some games are better others. And only a few games are truly classics. I've played many games over the years and will probably continue to do so for a long time. What I want to talk about now is my favorite gaming moments. This does not mean that these are my favorite games however, just that it had one or more memorable moments.

Even though I think Unreal is a bit overrated, because of lack of gameplay (compared to for example SiN and Requiem), it had one moment which was truly brilliant.

I was walking in a hallway which had two computers at the end. I had to push two buttons for something (I do not remember what). When I pushed them I heard a sound: "thud". I turned around but saw nothing. However the hallway was now closed and I couldn't get out. "thud" That sound again. Now I saw what it was. The lights that illuminated the hallway were going out, one by one, starting with the ones that were far away from me. After a while, it became darker and darker, until I all lights were out, and I couldn't see anything. All was silent. Then there was a big scary ROAR. After this, very loud and fast music started to play. I was already very nervous. Then there were sudden flashes of red light, like a stroboscope. Because of this I finally saw the monster, but I could only see its silhouet. It jumped right at me. I panicked... Because of this I had a lot of trouble killing the monster. When I fought him, my heartbeat was going very fast. I was truly fighting for my life at that moment. There was nothing but the monster and me, and only one of us would survive.
Normally this would have been just another monster, but because of the brilliant music, the darkness, the silence and all other factors, this is a moment I'll never forget. I know I can't possibly describe to you with these words how this experience was, but those who played Unreal will probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

This whole game is just brilliant. There are several scenes in this game that could be nominated but my favorite is probably when you're on the ship and Weapon attacks. I'm not gonna say anything more about it, all who played the game will know what I'm talking about. Another great moment is when the Boss casts Super Nova at the party. A sun can deal a lot of damage when it goes BOOM ;-). I like to think that you haven't truly played games until you've played FF7.

The best level boss I've ever encountered is probably the big one from (again) Final Fantasy 7. I think it took me 45 minutes to finally kill the bastard. Realism ZERO, fun MAXIMUM. And that's what it's all about.

Music, atmosphere, graphics. These are the three things that make a intro a good intro. Brood War has all three.

There is certainly a reason not to include a save-option in a game. Turrican 2 proves this. I had to play the game for about 4 hours straight before I could finish it. Maybe the younger gamers can't imagine what it's like without a save option, but believe me, you truly feel like the king of games when you've finished Turrican 2. Without passwords, without saves, those were the days... Today you only have to prove you're good enough for about 10 seconds before you save again. In fact, the games are written in a way that you HAVE TO SAVE, or else it's just too difficult to complete.

I've compilated a few Top 5 lists. I wonder, how many of these games have you played?

Best Adventures
1) Tex Murphy: Pandora Directive (great story)
2) Larry series (too funny)
3) Monkey Island series (also very funny)
4) Space Quest series (who needs star wars?)
5) Gabriel Knight series (scary)

Best RPG
1) Final Fantasy series (need I say more?)
2) Ravenloft series (this one had it all)
3) Baldurs Gate (perfect game, but no story)
4) Albion (underrated)
5) Everquest (best on-line game)

Best Jump and Run, shoot em up
1) Turrican 2 (joy)
2) Rick Dangerous (yeah)
3) Gods (wow)
4) Lionheart (one of the last true jump and runs)
5) Xenon II (this one is STILL looking good after 10 years or so)

Best Sports
1) Kickoff 2 (after ten years there's still no better soccer game!)
2) Speedball 2 (who needs realism?)
3) Speedball 1
4) NHL 99
5) FIFA 99 (add the gameplay from kiff-off 2 and you have a winner)

Most original
1) Lemmings (this game is sooooo good)
2) Populous 1&2 (bullfrog at its best)
3) Wolfenstein (the first 3d action)
4) Lost Vikings (just very cool)
5) Creatures (even though I don't like it)

Best 3d action
1) Requiem (greatest gameplay)
2) SiN (greater gameplay)
3) Quake (great gameplay)
4) Magic Carpet 2 (very original)
5) Unreal (if only it had more of a story)

Best real time strategy
1) Populous 1&2 (the true god-sims)
2) Star Craft
3) Red Alert
4) Command & Conquer
5) Warcraft 2

Best turn based strategy
1) Civilization 2 (Sid rules)
2) Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (I'm an addict)
3) Millenium (who remembers this one?)
4) Sim City series
5) Genghis Khan (very old, very underrated)

Best General
1) Final Fantasy 7 (will probably stay at the top until I get my hands on FF8)
2) Lemmings (who rembers the second-last level of Lemmings 1? I do...)
3) Kick-off 2 (the best game to play against a human player)
4) Turrican 2 (shoot em up at its best)
5) Tex Murphy: Pandora Directive (best written adventure to date, and very funny)

Great disappointments
1) Daggerfall (bug, bug, bug, bug, even WITH patches)
2) Dungeon Keeper (helloooo? where's the gameplay?)
3) Populous 3 (my god, they changed it to just another strategy game)

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