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Official Art

This section of the Civic Festhall contains all of the official art from the Planescape universe and from the game, which includes game concepts, screenshots and renders.


Here you will find interviews with some inhabitants of Sigil and any interviews we'll pay the music for with the developers of Planescape: Torment.

The Galleries

The Planescape universe is a rich and varied one, and inspires quite a large number of artists to depict its heroes, villains and monsters. This is where you'll find fan art of the game and Planescape.

  The Plays

Since this site revolves around the characters and places of Planescape, it's natural for us to set up something to house the stories you'll write of the Planescape universe.

Fan Art Submission Guidelines

We accept artwork by fans and review it for posting on this site; however, we can't post everything we receive. We review artwork for quality and originality; the better the quality and the more unique it is, the better the chances that we will post it. Please don't copy or retouch someone else's artwork and send it to us, that's plagiarism.

Please submit your work in the .GIF or .JPG format; we will not accept animated gifs or movies. And don't send us any .EXE or .HTML files, we're not sodding addle-coves here. We do accept URLs to websites that contain your fan art, or you can send it as an attached file via e-mail to Please do not send us files over 500 K, without first telling us. Please send us your e-mail ONCE.Sending it repeatedly doesn't mean we're more likely to post it. If you do not give your piece(s)a title(s), we'll give it an appropriate title.

We'll list your piece(s) with your name, the title(s), and your comments. You may mark your picture(s) with your e-mail or your URL. We will NOT post your e-mail. If you see a picture that you like and you wish to contact the artist, you can e-mail your request to and put the artist's name on the Subject line.

Please do not link to fan art from your home page, even if you have the artist's permission to do so. If you have permission, copy it to your own site.

Send your fan art to

Fan Fiction Submission Guidelines

  1. Fiction submitted to The Pit should be i n the form of a short story or novella, under 50,000 words. (No, we won't count them, that takes too long.) Full novel-length stories WILL be linked to, but not archived on this site.
  2. The site does not pretend to be a review organization. We put them up and let you read it. If it's really bad, we'll ask you to work on it some more and send it back. For the definition of "really bad", do a search for "Stephen Ratliff" or "Dr. Thinker", and that'll give you an idea of what we mean.
  3. Fiction of an adult nature should be noted as such on submission and will be placed in the adult archive. We reserve the right to reject submissions of adult fiction should we feel it inappropriate or makes us squicky.
  4. We will be checking fanfic for the purposes of how well they fit the Torment setting. Should you write a "standard" Forgotten Realms story, or one that does not show off the setting properly, we reserve the right to reject it. Please try to keep to the theme.
  5. Should you have a comment about a story, we will forward it on to the author. Please see rule 2 above.
  6. There is no rule 6.

Send your fan fiction to

All artwork and stories placed on this web site are the property of their author. If the author or artist offers their work to The Pit, we retain the right of first Internet publication on the World Wide Web at our web site. The posting of these images and/or stories is revocable at the request of either the site maintainers or of the creator of the story/art.

Artwork related or granted to the site maintainers that is derived from the game Planescape: Torment itself remains the property of Wizards of theCoast, Inc.; TSR Inc; and Black Isle Studios. Information on the characters of the game, excluding fan-fiction, remains their property. They've got hellish lawyers. They'll eat your heart.

Artwork or stories of an adult nature will be placed into a separate area of the web site for archival purposes only, and may be removed at the request of the author or of others. If it is removed by non-author request, the site maintainers will inform the author of the removal and the reasons thereof.

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