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Planescape: Torment Features

Planescape:Torment isn't a "fancy schmancy 3D game", as stated in the official Torment FAQ. It's an isometric 2d game, using the same engine as Baldur's Gate (named the Infinity engine). This means it has beautiful, multi-layered environments with a complete loadout.special effects, like weather and really cool stuff for the spells in the game. It also means that the game supports 16, 24 and 32 bits color in a resolution of 640 by 480. The downside is that it'll have the problems commonly associated with Baldur's Gate. The most notorious of this is the scrolling, which tended to slow down a lot in Baldur's Gate. The system requirements will be:

  • a 200 mhz Pentium MMX-class processor (266 recommended)
  • 32 Megs of RAM (64 recommended)
  • a 4 mb DirectX compatible graphics card
  • 650 megs hard drive space. More will speed things up. (800 megs recommended)
  • a directx compatible 16-bits sound card
  • an 8x CD-Rom drive (12x recommended)
  • Windows 95/98/NT with directx 6.0 or higher (provided on CD)

Now for the gameplay features:

  • Heavily story-driven
  • Not too linear (which is a buzzword, but it's true, OK?)
  • a chance to travel the planes, meet interesting people/fiends/modrons/creatures defying description and BEAT 'EM UP! (Or talk to them. This game doesn't force you to fight.)
  • a lot of elements from pen&paper Planescape
  • True adherence to the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system
  • 4 CD's full of gripping gameplay

A much debated feature of Torment is its multiplayer, or rather the absence of a multiplayer mode. This decision was made consciously, it wouldn't have been hard to implement, since Baldur's Gate already has it. The reason for not offering a multiplayer mode is the nature of the game. Torment is a story-driven game about individual experience. Besides, the multiplayer mode in Baldur's Gate wasn't all that much fun anyway...

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