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Abyssal Pipe
Invokes: "Cloudkill"
Weight: 0

This is a small pipe wooden pipe, carved to resemble the head of a demon.

When used, this pipe billows forth great gouts of deadly fumes from the planes of the Abyss.
Adder's Tear
Invokes: "Adder's Kiss"
Weight: 0

This glistening green tear is as hard and smooth as a pearl. When placed on the tongue, it dissolves instantly and gives the user the ability to spit forth spiraling bolts of acidic green energy at an opponent.
Ashes Of The Pabulum
Summons Trelons
Weight: 1
Not usable by Mages
Usabel only by Nameless One

These ashes are all that remains of a shool of illusionists called the Pabulum. According to their expedition logs, they traveled to the Plain of Shale in search of the lost works of the Fosterer, a powerful sorcerer who once ruled an empire where the Plain of Shale now lies.

The naive illusionists were successful, and they stumbled across one of his lost works: a hive of vicious creatures called the Trelons. The remains of the mages were found days later by two bariaur scouts and were burned over a pyre as a symbol of their folly.

To unlock the power of these ashes, one only needs to stir them with the index finger of the left hand, then sprinkle a pinch of the ashes into the air in a circular pattern. The smell of the remains of these dead mages is said to cause a Trelon to appear to serve the user.

No one knows where the Trelons originated from, but they seem to combine the worst characteristics of demons and insects. They seem to bear on insane hatred for mages, but the reason for this is unknown.
Black-Barbed Charm
Invokes: "Black-Barbed Shield"
Weight: 0

This is a string of black barbed seeds linked together by one of Ravel's long gray hairs. This is one of Ravel's impovised charms; when the string of seeds is sliced in the right spot, the necklace unravels around the caster, surrounding the user with a black-barbed shield that will help protect them from attacks and will also damage anyone attempting to harm the caster.
Blood Charm
Special: Heals 18 Hit Points
Weight: 0

This glistening drop of blood is as hard and smooth as a pearl. When placed on the tongue, it dissolves instantly and spreads through the character's veins and heart.

Like it's younger cousin, the clot charm, the blood charm stimulates the user's blood into clotting and scabbing over existing wounds, healing damage the user may have suffered before consuming the charm. However, while the blood charm's initial healing effect is more powerful than the clot charm, it has no other lasting effects.
Blood Fly Charm
.....Heals 3 Hit Points
.....Increases Regeneration
Weight: 0

Blood flies are pests believed to have originated from one of the Lower Planes. In many ways, they resemble mosquitoes with an insatiable appetite -- a cloud of blood flies can suck all the blood from a human body within minutes. Their stingers are capable of penetrating even the skin of fiends.

Despite their vicious appetite and temperament, blood flies are used by healers to draw forth diseased blood from an individual or even drain blood from a dead body. On occasion, blood flies are used to siphon off rare types of blood and are then paralyzed with powders or spells and kept in storage for future use.

This particular blood fly charm seems to hold the blood of a lesser fiend, and abishai, in its food sac. When this paralyzed fly is consumed, the user heals a small amount of damage immediately and also gains the ability to regenerate for a certain period of time. If the character is already able to regenerate, then the regeneration rate is increased.
Bone Charm
.....+2 to Armor Class
.....+2 to Armor Class vs. Crushing Attacks
.....+15% Resistance to Crushing Attacks
Weight: 0

This old finger bone charm has been hollowed out and tiny symbols have been scratched on its surface. A user must snap it in two to activate it.

When snapped, the bone charm temporarily strengthens the user's skeleton and acts as a ward against breaks and fractures. The charm gives the user an overall bonus to their armor class and additional resistance against crushing attacks.
Charm Of Infinite Recall
Special: Lore Skill set to 100
Weight: 0

While practicing, some Mage students discoverd a means to condense and store knowledge into a charm form. This particular charm contains the entire resources of the famed Charon School of Mages. Unfortunately, the effects of this charm are fleeting and the user is rendered unintelligible for a short period of time.

NOTE: This charm can be used to "identify" unknown items. It can *only* be used on the quick item menu on the world screen. After the charm is used, the user must then enter their inventory screen and right-click (i.e., "examine") each item they want to identify. The charm will only allow the user to identify objects that are in his possession -- items in other character's inventories cannot be identified this way. The effects of this charm are temporary and must be used quickly.
Clot Charm
.....Heals 9 Hit Points
.....+5% Resistance to Slashing Attacks
.....+10% Resistance to Piercing Attacks
Weight: 0

This glistening blood drop is as hard and smooth as a pearl. When placed on the tongue, it dissolves instantly and spreads through the character's bloodstream.

The charm stimulates the user's blood into clotting and scabbing over existing wounds, healing any minor damage the user may have suffered before consuming the charm. Furthermore, as long as the charm is in effect, the player's blood becomes more "aware" of new wounds that occur, especially any attacks that draw blood. The charmed individual becomes more resistant to slashing and piercing attacks, as their blood clots and scabe over the wound as soon as the flesh is torn.
Cockroach Charm
.....+4 to Armor Class
.....+2 to Armor Class vs. Crushing Attacks
.....+10% Resistance vs. Crushing Attacks
Weight: 0

Cockroaches are as common on the Planes as other scavengers. The shell of this particular dead cockroach has been dotted with paints and faint arcane symbols. The magic contained within the charm is activated when the roach is consumed.

When swallowed, the recipient temporarily gains the protection of the cockroach. Their skin hardens, taking on the strength of a suit of chain mail armor, and the charmed individual becomes difficult to squash, giving them added protection vs. crushing attacks.
Cranium Rat Charm
.....+5% Detect Traps Skill Bonus
.....+5 to Lore Skill
.....+1 to Intelligence
Weight: 0

The body of this cranium rat has been specially prepared: its insides have been hollowed out and stuffed with various herbs and shreds of papyrus containing arcane symbols.

When the charm is consumed, the user gains a temporary increase to their reasoning and perception abilities; it feels as if the plater is looking through several pairs of eyes and sifting through several minds at once... the sensation is somewhat dizzying for a minute or two, but there are no harmful side effects.
Dirty Rat Charm
Weight: 0
Usable only by Thieves

This cranium rat tail charm is particularly filthy and smells faintly of vomit. The tail is stiff, like a wire, and it can be bent into different shapes... it would almost make a great lockpick, except it is too thick.

When this rank charm is consumed, the user temporarily becomes much stealthier and shiftier, giving them a greater chance of success with hiding in shadows and picking pockets. People viewing the charmed individual will detect something unsavory about him, however, reducing first impressions accordingly. This unsavoriness will last only as long as the charm is in effect, however.
Divine Censer
Invokes: "Raise Dead"
Weight: 3

When lit, this censer has the power to entice the soul back of the recently departed. Unfortunately, there is only a limited amount of incense left in it.
Dustman Embalming Charm, Lesser
Invokes: "Embalming, Minor"
3 Charges
Weight: 0
Usable only on Nameless One and Morte

This strange metal bracelet has directions inscribed on the side of it. Judging from the crude text, it appears that the bracelet works by being held by a living creature, then while pronouncing a mantra to the 'True Death,' it is touched to the forehead of a zombie or skeleton. When this is done, the minor enchantment held within the item spreads through the corpse, strengthening their bones, killing traces of corpse rot and/or grave mold, and helping to seal minor tears in the skin.
Frosty Mint Candy
Invokes: "Friends"
Weight: 0

This small, round bit of hard candy makes the devourer's breath so winter cool and frosty, minty fresh that their Charisma is increaded considerably for a period of time.
Healing Scroll
Special: Heals 33 Hit Points
Weight: 0

This tissue-thin vellom scroll was part of Deionarra's legacy. The scroll is neatly rolled up and wrapped with a red ribbon. When the ribbon is opened, the healing magic contained within the scroll is released.

The scroll will heal even the most critical of wounds. It disintegrates into powder when used.
Heart Charm
.....Heal 27 Hit Points
.....Reduces Fatigue
.....+10% Resistance to Slashing Attacks
.....+20% Resistance to Piercing Attacks
Weight: 0

This glistening drop of blood is as hard and smooth as a pearl. When placed on the tongue, it dissolves instantly and spreads throught the character's veins and heart.

The heart charm is more powerful than the blood and clot charms, and it heals a number of wounds instantly, even serious or critical injuries. Furthermore, the user will also gain a rush of energy, removing any fatigue they may otherwise be feeling.
Heart Of The Fosterer
(Minor Artifacts)
Special: Summons the Sohmien
Weight: 1
Usable only by Evil and Neutral Characters

This strange object is said to be the "Heart of the Fosterer." According to legend, the Fosterer was a sorcerer who built his empire upon the Plane of Shale many centuries ago. He was rumored to have 3,333 hearts, and each of them carried in it a different evil he had committed in his lifetime. One of the evils he committed was the discovery of how to summon the Sohmien and bind them to his will. It is said that the Fosterer was carried away by these beasts after he invoked them against some ancient foe, leaving only his hears behind.

According to planar scholars, the Sohmien are fiendish horses, said to have been born from the blood of the last of the nightmare lords. They're not so much flesh and blood as an abstract given substance. They come to anyone who seeks revenge and bind themselves to them.

They were born from a great treachery at the Gloom Meet, the time when the fiends gather to speak to the others of their kind. The nightmares ride the skies to gather the fiends to this meeting, acting as messengers. While the fiends saw the nightmares as helpful, convenient allies, they had grown tired of bartering with the last of the nightmare lords for his consent to use them.

So the fiends called a Gloom Meet only for the purpose of killing. They lured teh nightmare lord there to kill him, and when he arrived, the fiends set upon him. He beseeched the other nightmares for aid, but they only watched, their eyes aflame as their lord was attacked.

The fiends tried to put him in the dead book - they scattered the earth with caltrops covered with the foulest poisons in the hells, hurled barbed cold-iron spears a league wide into him, and when he tried to take to the air to escape, they turned the sky alight with magick, blinding his eyes white. They struck at him with everything in their hateful arsenal - but no matter what they struck him with, he was too proud to die. They hounded him to the edge of the Outlands, firing their cruel arrows and spears into him until he staggered into the Hinterland mists and died there... or so it is said.

It's said that as the nightmare lord stumbled into the mists of the Hinterlands, his dark blood left a steaming trail across the landscape. Whereever his blood fell, the Outland itself cried out, wailing like a banshee, uttering the cries the nightmare lord would not.

Less than a year later, the Sohmien rode from the Hinterlands, seeking out any nightmares and fiends where they could find them. Their cries were the same as had risen from the blood wounds on the Outlands, and their minds were focused solely on revenge.

It is said that gripping the heart of the Sohmien and wishing harm upon another will cause them to appear. The Sohmien will answer the user's call, then fade into the mists from which they came.
Jar of Embalming Fluid
.....+2-8 to Hit Points
.....+1 to Armor Class
Weight: 1
Usable only by the Nameless One and Morte

This is a sealed jar of embalming fluid. It is used as a preservative for dead bodies. As an added benefit, the smell of the fluid is more than sufficient to mask the smell of any rotting bodies it is used on. Effects are temporary.
Knot Charm
Invokes: "Strength"
Weight: 0

This charm is made from a small piece of hemp knotted into a loop. No matter how much you study it, however, you cannot seem to figure out how the knot was tied... it looks like it has been wrapped around, inside and even *through* itself several times.

Ironically, despite the knot's complexity, it comes undone easily when pulled. The person undoing the knot charm temporarily gains a rush of strength, allowing them to do more damage with melee attacks and carry more weight.
Minaurosian Chocolate
Invokes: "Swarm Curse"
Weight: 0

Eating this moldering, bitter piece of chocolate will result in the devourer vomiting forth great clouds of angry insects.
Mirror Of Imaging
Special: Creates 1-4 Mirror Images of self
Weight: 2

This magical mirror creates duplicates of anyone reflected in it's surface. The effect is similar to the wizard spell 'Magic Mirror'. From 1 to 4 images are created. Each image is identical to the user of the mirror and may confuse enemies. There is a chance that an image will be targeted rather than the mirror user.
Invokes: "Blacksphere"
Weight: 0

This is a small bottle containing some dark liquid. The liquid contained within seems to be thicker and blacker than ordinary liquid. The blackness of the liquid is so dark that light seems to be absorbed into the liquid.
Needle And Thread
Special: Heals 6 Hit Points
Weight: 0

This is a spool of thread and a small bone needle. They look like they're used for stitching up wounds... in living or dead bodies. When used on a creature, it heals 6 hit points of damage.
Ring of Fallen Stars
Invokes: "Meteor Storm Bombardment"
Weight: 0

The band of this ring is made of stone recovered from a fallen star. When used this ring can call others of its kind to rain down upon the users enemies.
Rod of Modron Might
Special: Summons 1-3 Modron Constructs
Weight: 5

This magical rod allows the user to summon Modron constructs to do battle with his enemies. From one to three constructs are summoned. The constructs will fight fearlessly to the death.
Sadistic Frame
Invokes: "Pain Mirror"
Weight: 1

When used, this item causes an attacker to feel the same pain and hurt that he has inflicted upon the user.

NOTE: This item must be used from the Quick Items menu.
Shackles of Light
Invokes: "Chain Lightning Storm"
Weight: 10

Somehow someone or something has managed to transform the power of lightning and turn it into a solid form. These shackles contain all the power and fury of a lightning storm and at one time could probably contain even the most powerful of creatures. Now, it looks as if the spells that have bound the lightning are failing, as evident by the constant discharge of energy.

Throwing the chains should be enough to release the energy contained in the chains.
Shamanic Rod
Invokes: "Magic Missile"
Damage: 2-5 Points of Damage per Missile
Range: 180 ft. + (30 ft. / level)
Duration: Instant
Speed: 1
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: None
Weight: 1
Usable only by Mages

This is the severed foot of some large bird. For whatever reason, someone has enchanted it, making it capable of casting the spell "Magic Missile" for a limited number of times.
Symbol of Torment
(Greater Artifact)
Invokes: "Rune of Torment"
Weight: 0
Usable only by Nameless One

This strip of flesh holds the symbol of Torment that you have always worn; it peeled away from your arm when you realized your true name.

The symbol no longer rules you, and you may harness its power to bring retribution against your enemies. Merely holding it and invoking its power will summon all the pain and suffering from your past incarnations upon your foes.
Tear of Salieru-Dei
Special: Permanent +1 Constitution
Weight: 0
Usable only by Lawful Good Characters

This glistening red tear was shed by the martyred Harmonium officer Salieru-Dei when he was put to death on the Harmonium's home plane of Ortho. Mistaken as a member of the hated Revolutionary League, Salieru-Dei's obedience and loyalty was such he could not bring himself to challenge the allegations of his superiors. At the moment of his execution, three tears fell from his right eye and turned to stone as they fell upon the flagstone of the square.

Ironically enough, an anarchist subsequently revealed the Harmonium's mistake to the public, discrediting them. Ever since, the tears of Salieru-Dei have been considered relics of the Harmonium... and used as a lesson to the evils of unquestioning obedience by the Revolutionary League.
Thrice-Blind Charm
Invokes "Blindness"
Weight: 0

These three cranium rat tails have been woven into a small charm. Despite the separation from their owners, however, they still twitch occasionally, as if irritated.

To use this charm, the caster must select a target within his line of sight, then, while remaining focused on the target, untie the charm. The target's vision will turn black for several minutes, rendering them helpleses and reducing their combat ability drastically.


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