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Quint's Shop will sell you cures and weapons. He wants you to find a Necklace of Hollow Teeth and you can find it outside of Marta's shack, even though you're supposed to talk to Gris about it first.

Pharod's Court is on the east side, and when you talk to Pharod he will make a deal with you.  You find his Bronze Sphere in the Drowned Nations (see that section), and he will give you the info you seek. After the shadows come to kill him later in the game, you should return and get the Bronze Sphere from him. It is important for the final ending of the game. There is also a portal to the west of his throne that can be activated with Pharod's Crutch. This portal leads to his vault (see map).

There is a guy with no name (actually called Ku'u Yin) who wants him name back.  You have to find Radine to get it.  There are various ways to pry it out of her, but if you want to be peaceful, you can end up getting it without bloodshed.  This quest is worth doing as you get 2500 experience points.

Marta the Seamstress lives on the west side and she will rip out your intestines for you.  Inside, you find a +1 ring that you can use.  You can also buy stuff from her.  The venom tooth for Morte can be bought from her (only after she rips out your intestines, i think).

You meet another guy named Uhir who wants you to find his knife that he lost in the Catacombs.


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