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When you enter the town, it is in utter chaos. You have to run around and talk all the townpeople into stopping the violence and restoring order. This involves talking to Berrog, Tovus Giljaf, Jujog, the Hermit Priest, Hezebol, the Judge, Ebb Creakness, and Kester (these are the ones i talked to and it worked).

Agril-Shalak the glabrezu and Tek'Elach the cornugon are fighting each other near the Barracks in the Carceri level. They're really beat up, so much that I managed to kill both with one casting of Force Missiles. Tek'Elach has nothing, but Agril-Shalak has Heartgrinder, even if you've already got one. Since these things sell for like 8000 cp, that's some serious cash. (thanks Icewind!)

Once they have all agreed to stop fighting (and you can do this without killing a single person), then you enter the Admin Building in the north section and go up to the third floor and beat up on Trias. He's weak now because the chaos has stopped and he feeds off of it. If you need healing before you go into the Admin Building, the Hermit Priest will help you out. He's right outside the door. Rumor has it that there is a Wish Spell in the warehouse with Ebb Creakness. It is to the left of the door, hidden in some junk at coordinates X391, Y289 (thanks Timmy!)

There is a resting place at the barracks (thanks Thomaslew!)

Once you beat
Trias, he tells you where the Fortress of Regrets is. Talk to him about how the Upper Planes are also known for mercy and that he can be restored if he attones and asks his father or whoever for forgiveness. He will thank you and give you a SCROLL OF CELESTIAL HOST (9-th level area effect spell; I think it does 40-160 damage, save for half; really nice graphics (thanks Icewind!)

You can get 300,000 xp repeatedly in this area. In Carceri, in the warehouse where you meet Ebb again, talk to him and get him to help out with the town. Leave the warehouse. Enter the warehouse again, but while it is loading, pause the game. When the warehouse screen comes back up, use your mouse to scroll to the right, and guess what, Ebb is there! Click on him BEFORE unpausing and he will not disappear. You can then choose two dialog options, and get 300,000 xp. Leave the warehouse, and repeat. (Thanks Evilgrin!)

If you have to choose between saving Berrog or Tovus, always save Berrog. He's worth more experience, he gives you cooler stuff, he weakens Trias, and even though he doesn't say so, he slows down the spawning of creatures just as much as the Burgher.

To the left of where you start, there are two Gehreleths attacking a bunch of townies. If you manage to kill them before they kill too many townies then you will weaken Trias and gain 250,000 XP as well (not to mention 14,000 each for the Gehreleths).

Near the middle of the map, there are a few guards being waylaid by some Gehreleths. If you manage to kill the Gehreleths before they kill all the guards it won't do anything to Trias, but the remaining guards will fight for you. They aren't very bright and you can't control them, but nearly everyone in Carceri will ignore them even if they are being attacked by them. (Thanks Adam!)


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