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1. When you're at the Ravel Sensory stone in the Civic Festhall (you have to join the Sensates to get in), just keep returning and continue to answer her questions in this order:
You will get 6000 experience points every time.

2. If you keep killing the Abishai (they respawn forever), you will get tons of exp points.

2.a. In the northwest quadrant of the Hive there are two Black Abishai that initially spawn one each at the gateway arches. They are worth 7000 xp each time you kill them -- arguably the biggest xp source in the early game -- and they will respawn each time you leave the NW Hive zone and return (and that includes when you duck inside the flophouse in the center of the zone). A successful harvesting technique is to have Morte taunt one and then have the Nameless One (and Dak'kon if he's in your party) whack the Abishai to death. Morte is *really* hard to hit -- and if it doesn't fall under his taunt spell (Litany of Curses) right away, just run away from it and retaunt (a hot button is useful for this) until it goes red. Happy hunting. (Thanks Davros!)

3. Keep killing the thugs at the beginning of the game if you need cash. Sell their necklaces, bracelets, etc.

4. The cranium rats in the Catacombs respawn forever, and you get exp and rat charms, etc.

5. Player's Maze escape route -- Think of the player's maze as a clock and walk through the portal that would be 4:00. Poof! you'll end up on the other side. Now get back to the 4:00 portal that you just went through without going thru any other portals, and this takes you to a portal which is alone (does not have an opposite). Go thru this portal and Poof! you're out.

6. Here's another neat little glitch. Just keep going up to the coffin maker and tell him you resolved the problem at the warehouse, you then gain 2000 Exp. Points, tell him Farwell, talk to him again, go through same scenario. (credits to Stephan)

7. The easiest way to do the catacombs is to go from the Weeping Stone Catacombs to the Dead Nations, and then to the Drowned Nations, and then to the Warrens of Endless Thought. If you cannot get into the Warrens from the Drowned Nations, then go back to the Weeping Stones and enter from there. Remember that entrance in the NE area of the Weeping Stones? :-)

8. Here's a quick and easy way to make 30,000 or so xp's each time you talk to Trias in the prison after you get his sword: answer 1,2,1,1,2,1 and you get the xp's. Then when he speaks to you again, ask for knowledge and then say farewell. Repeat and you get the xp's constantly. (credits to Ali)

9. (a) Change your character to a thief in the Lower Ward.... (b) Talk to Lazlo in the market about a portal.... (c) Enter the portal where Grosuk is (behind market).... (d) Talk to forge man and leave. Now you get returned to where Lenny the Thief is.... (e) Talk to Lenny about improving your Thief skills.

Result: You earn 2500 experience points each time and your thief stats (stealth, pick pockets) eventually jump to 125% on the level up screen. Note: However, when you go the stats screen, the numbers don't reflect with numbers on the level up screen. I don't know if these numbers hamper the characters skills or not. (Credits to Jay)

10. Stale Mary will agree to show some "compassion" and give a portal access to the silent king. She will also give you 3750 exp. If you ask for help again instead of using the portal she'll do it again and again.... (credit to Brian Adler)

11. Join the Godsmen and compleate all quests... then you have to become a Sensate to go into the private sensory rooms... do that stuff then go back to the Godsman place... go talk to the leader and he will tell you that you may leave peacefully of have a fight... fight them all and kill all hostils not the people that arnt hostil .... go to the room where you can get the justifyer... (I killed every singel person in that room... this is also befor you get the justifyer..) now that everyone is dead... go take the recipte off of the clerk guys body.. go back to the room where the leader was.. then go back to were the clerk guy was and guess what.... everyone is bacl alive and kicking.. so go to him steal the NEW RECIPTE THAT RESPAWNED WITH HIM and get 2 justifyers then kill him and the gaurd.. leave and come back... each time you can get another recipte... identify all of them then go to a storm and *****MAKE SURE***** you put all of them in 1 persons inventory (so that all he has is justifyers and no empty spaces..) then go to a store and sell all of them at 1 time not seperatly ALL AT ONCE you will get anywerte from $6000 to $9000 for each one i think the $9000 was the pawn shop guy.. i you sell 1 to them and try to sell another you will only get $2000 still alot but not as much as you could... (credits to Shawn)

12. In the lower ward if you talk to the guard by the west door, Corvus I believe, look over your shoulder to see what he is looking at, then talk to Karina in the middle of the market, tell her you like her and then go back and talk to Corvus again. You will have to look over your shoulder again to see what he is looking at and you can then tell him her name is Karina and she is lonely. You will gain some experience from this. If you go back and talk to Karina again you receive either 200 or 500 exp each time you talk to her, can't remember which. Not much but its still free exp. (credits to Gary Strand)

14. You can make some real easy money in Planescape by negotiating a split in the inheritance between the two brothers in Curst. Once you've done that, Crumplepunch will consider you a fair, and honorable man and will reward you accordingly with better prices in his store. The prices are a little too beneficial for your character, though. If you buy an expensive item from him(I bought the assassin's fists) and then sell them immediately back, you'll make a quick $800-1000. Do this repeatedly with the same item, and you'll soon have a small fortune. In three minutes, I had $100,000... (credits to Kylearan)

15. When you get the Wish Spell in the warehouse in Carceri, then put it into Dak'kon's inventory. It will turn red but you can still use it. This way it has unlimited uses. You can whip up some extra, powerful spells and such as well as raise you stats without an editor. (thanks DarkElven!)

16. In the Smoldering Corpse Bar, on the right, there's someone wearing a dustman suit but isn't really a dustman. She'll give you 50 coppers if you don't give her away, but you can talk to her as many times as you want with the same dialog options. so you can get 50 coppers each time : infinite credits! (thanks Antoine!)



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