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[see below for a step-by-step to the Portal and Key quest]

You will see
Malmaner, who wants you to get his costume from the Tailor. You can go back and forth twice to get more exp. and coin. The Tailor also sells magical clothes that Annah can wear. If you return to him after you enlist Fall-from-Grace, then she can get magic clothes as well (thanks Timmy!). Some wacko named Sarhava Vjhul tries to pick a fight with Annah, but you can stop it by calling the guards. Salabesh the Onyx tells you that Jumble Murdersense can undo Reekwind's curse.

Nemelle -- she is standing next to the bar by the tents on the west side. She will give you the Decanter of Endless Water's secret code word (so you can now unleash Ignus at the SC bar), and if you tell her that her friend Aelwyn is looking for you, she will reward you with permanent hit points.

The Civic Festhall --

Jolmi -- wants to kill you as an "experience" and is willing to pay for it
Splinter -- can give you the lowdown on the Festhall and take you to the Sensorium (get the memories from all three sensory balls while you're there) where you find Quell
Quell -- wants exotic candy before he's willing to talk (you can get this at the Curiosity Shoppe). Then he gives you valuable information about Ravel's daughter. Some people have found that you have to talk to him before you can get Kessai-Serris to give blood.
Jumble -- get him to curse you, then go outside and get Salabesh the Onyx to teach you a curse to put on Jumble. After you curse Jumble, he will remove the curse on you and also remove the curse on Reekwind. The Civic Festhall just happens to carry a Remove Curse scroll for a nice sum, but the clever don't need that.
Montague -- has girlfriend problems with Juliette and tries to pick a fight with you
Qui-Sai -- he will train you after you prove that his argument about stealing weapons is wrong. You have to go to Eli Havelock the thief trainer to get the proof, and then come back and Qui-Sai will train you. (If your wisdom is high enough, Qui-Sai will lower your armor class by one. Just ask him what he was meditating about. High wisdom will also allow you to skip the argument run-around by answering his questions directly -- Credits to Prophet).
Merriman -- Dolora's lover (see her quest for more info about his quest)
Mertwyn the Headless -- is looking for his head which you can get from the Thug Boss standing outside of Finam the Linguist's home.

Upstairs you find your Old Chambers, and lots of cool scrolls and charms. You have to talk to the clerk and rest there the night to get your key. Then you can explore all the rooms upstairs. You should find the Dodecahedron there. Unfulfilled-Desire is a sex hound who can help the Drunken Mage to stop drinking.

Public Sensoriums -- Lady Thorncombe (mage trainer) is in there. To get her to train you, you'll have to talk to her and find out that she's addicted to the sensory stones. Then go outside the Civic Festhall and tell Onyx (standing right outside the door) that she's addicted, and he'll try to make a move on her mage-training position. Go back and tell Lady Thorncombe what he is planning, and she'll give you some exp and return to her training duties. You can find her in the mage-training facilities after that.

You should talk to all the sensory stones for messages

Elobrande -- gives you a sealed scroll
Aelwyn -- wants you to find Nemelle for her
Lazy Scribe -- in the SE corner
Standish -- slave of Vrischika
Vrischika -- sells stuff at the Curiosity Shoppe
Thug Boss -- has Mertwyn's head and is standing outside the Linguist's Home
Pestle/Kilnn -- two guys who are glued together and want you to split them apart. They can be found in the Apothecary and will give you the Vial of Skin in Blood for the Dreambuilder. You can split them by buying the Potion on Horrific Splitting in the Curiosity Shoppe.
Eli Havelock -- trains thieves

Brothel --

Fall-from-Grace owns this brothel and will join your party if you talk to the ten students there

1. Yves -- get her story for her mother Yvana in the Art Gallery
Kimasxi -- take her abuse and get her to finally talk
Kesai-Serris -- Ravel's daughter. You have to get her blood to make the key for the Portable Portal to Ravel's Maze. Her blood is the "piece of Ravel" so to speak. Get her blood on a hankerchief (which you can find by searching brothel rooms or pickpocketing one of the women). You might have to talk to Juliet again in order to make her admit that she's Ravel's daughter, however. (Last ditch method of getting her blood: get the hankie and then kill K.S. and you *will* get the hankie bloodied! Major battle with the guards though, and probably alignment change)
Nenny Nine-Eyes
Juliette -- wants you to go to Penn's Print Shop and get a fake love letter and take it to her lover Montague

Note: If you have pissed off Penn and cannot get into the Print Shop to solve the Juliette/Montague love thing, then do this: Talk to Montague and get him to fight you, and then when he turns red, do not attack him, but run away and then talk to Juliette again and this should solve the quest.

Another solution: I went to see Montague and challenged him, but before fighting I told him that it was all a set-up, recieved some exp. and then suggested that he give Juliette the cold shoulder, I believe I recieved exp. for this also, not sure though, I ran back to Juliette and told he he was indiferent to my challenge, she starts crying, and I recieved exp. for solving her 'happy relationship problem' (thanks Kevin!)

Vivian -- she is looking for her scent and you will find it in Luis the Armoire's dresser. She gives you +1 Charisma for finding it.
Dolora -- she wants you to talk to Merriman and get the keys to her heart back from him. He wants you to get a drink from the River Styx before he's willing to cough up the keys. You get this by talking the Drunken Mage into seeing Unfulfilled-Desire about sobering up, and he gives you the Frost Ale Mug (you can also buy this mug at the Curiosity Shoppe for a tidy sum), which you take to the Art Gallery and use it to catch the Dark Bird of something or other (and then ask Yvana to explain to you the significance of this) which you take to Merriman to drink since it's from the River Styx. This is annoying and complicated, but you get a lot of exp before it's over. Merriman gives you the keys, and you take them back to Dolora, who will now tell you how to talk to Ecco the Silent Prostitute. Got it? Good, cuz i'm still confused after that jaunt. Note: You can also get the keys to Dolora's heart by picking Merriman's pocket a few times... Make sure your pick pocket skill is high (at least 99) or he'll catch you the second time you try for them.
Marissa -- is missing her veil, which you find in Luis the Armoire's dresser as well as the scent
Ecco -- you can talk to her after you do the Dolora thing, and then she will ask you to find her stolen Voice, which you can do by buying the Fiend's Tongue and the Deva's Tears at the Curiosity Shopper.
Luis the Dresser Dude -- he is an armoire hiding out in the room just left of the staircase. Talk to the dresser. Sigh...

Now go back to Fall-from-Grace and she will join your party. Was it worth it? Well, take a look at her!! :-)

Finam the Linguist -- his research journal is in the room with Luis the Dresser. In exchange for you finding his journal, he will teach you what you need to know to unlock the Dodecahedron (If you have high enough stats, you don't actually have to get his book. Simply talk to the urn on the shelf with the Speak With Dead Ability, and the dead guy will teach you the language (thanks Jon!).
Drunken Mage -- tell him to talk to Unfulfilled-Desire about quitting drinking, and he gives you the Frost Ale Mug
Boot-shiner -- in the west area
Advocate (Iannis) -- he is Dioenarra's father and he has her legacies (wills), which you can get if you have already talked to the right sensory stone at the Civic Festhall. He also wants you to find out if he can visit the Festhall even though he's not a Sensate, and you go back to Splinter to get permission. Some cool items in the legacy, btw. Later, after you get your journal (dodacahedron) and read it, you will get a ticket for another legacy (yours this time) from the Advocate. Claim it and then get your stuff (including the Portable Portal to Ravel's Maze) at the Foundry with the receipt you get in the legacy. While you're at the Foundry, pickpocket the clerk and get another receipt, which you can turn in for a cool mace.
Art Gallery -- look at all the paintings, and use the oil/salve (which you can get at the Curiosity Shoppe) on the statue to being it to life and teach Morte some new curses (thanks Matt!).
Yvana -- Yves' mother who runs the Art Gallery. She will tell you about the Dark Bird from the River Styx.



The following is a step-by-step approach to solving the Portal and Key quest, and also getting Fall-from-Grace to join you. This is not the only way, but it is one of the confirmed ways to do it. There very well may be an easier way, but it is so convoluted that it was not worth my time to do it ten times to find the fastest way:

Getting the Portal

1) Go to the Civic Festhall and rest in the upper rooms
2) After you rest, then get your journal (dodacahedron) from the shelves of your Old Chamber
3) Fiddle with it to unlock it
4) Since you can't understand it, go to Finam the Linguist
5) He'll ask you to get his lost journal (you can find it in Luis the Dresser's room in the brothel)
6) Take it back to Finam and he'll give you his notes
7) Read the notes and then the journal and notice the bit about the legacy
8) Go to the Advocate's house to pick up your legacy (it has a receipt for the Foundry)
9) Go to the Clerk in the Foundry and get your stuff (including the portal)

Getting the Key to the Portal AND getting Fall-from-Grace to join you:

1) Talk to Lothar about Ravel (this triggers the whole quest)
2) Talk to Splinter, who tells you to talk to Quell
3) Talk to Quell (he wants some candies first)
4) Get the chocolate stuff from the Curiosity Shoppe and bring it back to Quell
5) Quell tells you about the key to Ravel's Maze
6) Talk to the sensory stones (Ravel and Deionarra's)
7) Go to the Advocate and get Dieonarra's legacy
8) Now go to the Brothel and talk to Fall-from-Grace (she wants you to talk to her ten students)
9) Talk to Marissa (she wants her veil)
10) Now talk to Nenny and Kimaxsi
11) Talk to Dolora (she wants the keys to her heart back)
12) Talk to Merriman (he wants a drink from the River Styx)
13) Either get the Frost Ale Mug from the Drunken Mage (this involves also talking to Unfulfilled-Desire in your Old Chambers) or buy it at the Curiosity Shoppe
14) Catch the Dark Bird in the Frost Ale Mug at the Art Gallery
15) Talk to Yvana about the significance of it
16) Go back to Merriman and get the keys
17) Take keys back to Dolora
18) Talk to Nenny about the veil if you were not able to get it before
19) Get the veil from Luis if you didn't before
20) Give the veil to Marissa
21) Talk to Vivian about the scent on the veil
22) Talk to Juliet (she wants you to give love letters to Montague)
23) Go to Penn's Printer and get love letter
24) Take the love letter to Montague
25) Go back to Juliet and finish the quest
26) Talk to Ecco
27) Talk to Dolora about Ecco's silence
28) Get Fiend's Tongue and Deva's Tears from the Curiosity Shoppe
29) Give them to Ecco
30) Talk to Kessai-Serris (she denies being Ravel's daughter)
31) Talk to Dolora (she tells you to talk to Juliet)
32) Talk to Juliet (tells you to talk to Kimaxsi)
33) Talk to Kimaxsi (she tells you that K.S. is Ravel's daughter for sure)
34) Talk to Kessai-Serris and get the bloody hankerchief (you can find one in the brothel) and this is the Key to the Portal.
35) Talk to Fall from Grace and get her to join you

Now open the portal and travel to Ravel's Maze


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