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Outer and Inner Curst

There is a 5 part key to get here, and it involves travelling back and forth from Outer and Inner Curst. To start off, go the Traitor's Gate Tavern in Outer Curst and talk to the bartender Tainted Barse. He will tell you to talk to Marquez.

Marquez wants you to rescue his daughter Jasilya, who is in the north part of Inner Curst. You will have to wax the guards who have her captive and then return to Marquez. He gives you the first part of the key and tells you to now talk to Kitla. He also trains warriors.
2. Kitla wants you to resolve the problems between a blacksmith named Crumplepunch and his brother Kester the distiller. They are arguing about a legacy that was left to them by their father. You must decide who gets what. After you finish the quest, she gives you the second key and a Scroll of Abysmal Fury and tells you to talk to Nabat. She also trains mages.
3. Nabat wants you to help Kyse (the dump caretaker in Outer Curst) with his problem. This means you have to go to Inner Curst and talk to Wernet, who refuses to listen. Then go back to Kyse and defend him. Nabat will give you the third key. He trains thieves.
4. Dallon the Bard wants you to help An'izius, the town leader of Curst. He can be found in the north section of Inner Curst and he will ask you to humiliate his rival, Siabha, by telling the Captian of the Guard (found in center of Inner Curst) that she is planning to kill An'izius. Dallon then will give you the fourth key.
5. Dona Quisho wants you to set a fiend (Agril-Shanak) free in the grain silo in Outer Curst. You do this by going to the second floor of the grain silo and standing in the pentagram. Dona then gives you the fifth and last key.

In the upstairs part of the tavern, you can find some
Frost Mint Candy and Minosaurian Chocolate. Berrog wants to leave Curst and talks to you about it. You can find a silver-headed hammer in one of the crates in Outer Curst, some junk in various places, a +2 Displacer Ring in the hay behind some curst guards, Greater Dustman Embalming charm and a Serpent Ring in a box, some chalk in the warehouse, some gold and a gold ingot in the crates near the warehouse, Scent of the Storm in a crate in the west area of Inner Curst, and some other goodies scattered around.
A woman named Roberta wants to kill her ex-husband's lover. There's a harlot assasin in the north part of Inner Curst who will kill him for her, or you can tell the Guard Captian about it.
Now go talk to Tainted Barse to get transported to the Curst Underground.


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