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Go to the Curiosity Shoppe and get the Modron Toy. Play around with it just so that you can hear Morte's funny comments, then go to the Brothel. When you get to the brothel, ask the modrons there about the figure. They'll tell you that it is a sort of remote-control gate key. Now that you know what it does, you need to pose it in the right way to activate it. This is the order:

1. left knee
2. left wing
3. right wing
4. right arm

When you do these steps, you will be transported to the Modron Maze. Before you go, take someone out of your party IF you intend to enlist Nordom (a new PC) into your party.

The guide in the Modron Maze will tell you it is Rubikon, a "dungeoun simulator". The low threat constructs should be really easy to kill. Keep going from room to room until you find a Portal Lens (looks like a red gem). Then look for a room with modron engineers in it. Offer to sub as the maze's director, and you'll be able to configure the maze. The constructs give you fake items (usually say something like "A Magic Item!" or "A Goodie!", but you can occasionally find real equipment on them). A glitch seems to make the portal lens appear more than once. You can sell the extra ones you find for quite nice amounts of money in Sigil. Just remember to keep the modron doll (you need it to teleport to the maze, the only location you can use the portal lens).

If you play this maze at the "difficult" setting, then you will find a new cool PC Nordom. He is awesome!

Thanks to Icewind for the above information!


Addition to the Modron maze section:

On the hard setting you can also find the "evil wizard" who is responsible for the problems in the maze. He explains a whole bunch about the maze, and how he became sentient due to the effects of the chaos of limbo on him. It's kind of a tough fight (the wizard + 6 high-threat constructs), but if you win you get the portal lens (this is where it is supposed to be, the others found in the maze may be an error) and a really cool 8th level spell called Mechanus Cannon.

Also, make sure you talk to Nordom to get him some stat upgrades.

Thanks to Greg Lohman for these extra tidbits!


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