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When you go back to Pharod, he will tell you very little, but you get a new party member, Annah.  You should talk to your trainer about more skills about this time (Annah also trains for thieves).   You should also have tons of coppers now, so go to the Tattoo Parlor and get Fell to tell you info and sell you some cool tattoos.  Annah can now translate for you.

You should have used the Decanter of Endless Water on Glyve as well by now.

You should definitely have Soego's skull with you.   You will need it soon.

Also, your characters should have low AC classes by now and should be around level 5-7 in their expertise.

You can tell Emoric about Pharod's bodies if you like.   And the guy in Ragpicker's Square also wants to know about the bodies.

Stock up on cures and spells, etc. and move on to the Tenement of Thugs.   You can find this at the Painted Door in the NE Hive, or ask Annah to show you where she found your body.  Either way.

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