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Resting Places

NE Hive -- Once you do Angyar's Quest, then you can rest there anytime you like as long as you don't tick him off

NE hive -- The Open Tomb

NW hive -- Once you complete the Nestor quest, you can stay at the Flophouse anytime

SW hive -- If you talk to the guy at the Office of Vermin Control, and ask him how he came to this job it counts as resting 8 hours (thanks Jaimie!)

Ragpicker's Square -- you can stay at Mebbeth's

Buried Village -- you can stay at Marta the Seamstress

Lower Ward -- you can rest by talking to a guy outside the south entrance of the Marketplace

Clerk's Ward -- you can rest at the Civic Festhall in your Old Chambers

Modron Maze -- you can rest in the first chamber of the Modron Maze, in Nordom's room, and also in the wizard's room (Thanks Chaos Mage!)

Curst -- you can rest at the Traitor's Gate Tavern

Underground Curst -- you can rest with the Hermit Priest

The Outlands -- you can rest with Fhjull

Carceri -- you can rest at the Distillery if you save Keltar from the thugs. (thanks Monk of Mahn!)

Carceri -- you can rest at the Barracks. (thanks Thomaslew!)

The Fortress of Regrets -- you can rest after killing Ignus

The Fortress of Regrets -- you can rest after merging with your incarnations (thanks Timmy!)



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