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This is a hacked savegame with 25-everything, 0 AC, weapons mastery, and 100,000 in jink for the Nameless One and Morte at the very beginning of the game. Click here to download the file!

Instructions for installing: Download the file to some place in your hard drive that you can find easily. After it is downloaded, then go find the file and double-click on it to unzip it. When asked where to unzip it to, this is your correct path

c:\program files\black isle\torment\save

If you installed the game to a different drive to begin with, then you'll have to use a different path name. Once it's unzipped to that file, then you should be set to go. Just start the game and LOAD the savegame (it will be one of the saved games in your window now).

Happy Hunting!


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