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The Under-Sigil

Okay, if you don't completely wipe out every baddie (and there are some really bad baddies here) in this area, then you are a wimp. That's right..... a total spineless, egg-sucking, knuckle-dragging, lotion for your hands, WIMP! And don't give me the routine philosophical BS about how killing isn't the only way to do things. This area is meant for killing. And if you don't kill all the larvel worms and trelons, then it's not because you didn't want to..... it's because you couldn't!

That being said, you better prepare yourself for some trauma here. Rest up your mages and get those spells ready. Ball lightning works especially well against the trelons, and the larvel worms go down under cloud-kill. Ignus might as well toss all his infernal orbs, etc, though, since they do more damage than his fist. Also, get plenty of cures and needle and thread, cuz you're gonna be doing some sewing up your bodies :-)

Now, the way to beat these bastards is to get them choked up in narrow hallways. If you let them come at in chunks (they like to roam in groups of 5-9 or so, then you're a deader fer sure. I let the NO run ahead and taunt them, then run back to the group. Usually, only 1-3 baddies would follow him, so the group could handle the smaller chunks. This takes longer, but you get to avoid trying to spend the rest of your life raising the deaders in your group. Another way that other's have mentioned is letting your thief do repeated backstabs. You can decide your best strategy.

So stop reading this and get to work! And don't come crawling back to the Clerk's Ward whining about it either!

One note: Fall-from-Grace is the most useless, stupid, weak, and pathetic character I've ever played with. You might want to either let her get killed quick, or take off the AI and control her manually. She is so dumb. Runs right into the action ahead of everyone else and gets killed so quickly. When the group retreats, you'd think she would join you. But NO, she has to stay and fight a dozen larvel worms all by her lonesome. Well, fighting is not the word for it, actually. More like sacrifice. Keep her in the back working her healing spells. Okay, some people don't think she's all that bad. Her call lightning is effective, and it seems to work indoors just fine.

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