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Circles of Zerthimon



There are Eight Circles of Zerthimon that can be opened and read. To learn them, you have to study with Dak'kon and have a high enough wisdom to understand what they are saying. Just click on the Circles of Zerthimon icon in his backpack screen and hit USE to start the conversation threads. When you finished reading it, then have a dialogue with Dak'kon and answer the questions properly.

The wisdom requirement goes up for each circle. If you do not have the wisdom, then you will not be able to answer him correctly. You also get new spells for each circle.

First Circle --
Second Circle -- Scripture of Steel
Third Circle -- Submerge the Will
Fourth Circle -- Vilquar's Eye
Fifth Circle -- Power of One
Sixth Circle -- Balance in all Things
Seventh Circle -- Missile of Patience
Eighth Circle -- Zerthimon's Focus (You teach this level to Dak'kon and he gets permanent Str, Dex, and Con bonuses)


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